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9/3/2020 c6 Guest
Love this story. Please write more
5/1/2020 c6 rd
please update !
2/8/2020 c6 Guest
Lmao canary
3/15/2019 c6 Guest
This is such a great concept! Please update for the sake of Damian talking to YJ Dick! Or for YJ Robin learning about Agent 37's ID! This is so good!
2/28/2019 c6 12Narya Anima
I'll give you a deal, I review, you update. I love it and I want to see a little bird confrontation. Also Canary leering a bit after Agent 37 is my new headcannon.
12/29/2018 c5 BatEnthusiasts
Please, please avoid suddenly shifting the POV to first person. If you are trying to indicate someone's thought please use apostrophes or italicize the text. It is unbearbly awkward to read through a sentence and suddenly have the POV shift to first person...
The concept was good however although I believe Damian would indeed rush the rescue efforts it was a bit too early to have him show up in chapter 5. It's rushed and it just seems there's already a resolution to what we assume is the main conflict (Agent37 being stuck in an alternate Earth).
5/24/2018 c6 4curlystruggle
Tbh black canary same
5/23/2018 c6 Sierenz
You'll not believe how surprised I am when fanfiction sent an email to me about your update. More like throw off my phone during the exam...
Please don't drop this, this fandom need more fanfic about Agent 37 like this.
5/23/2018 c6 10TheOkWriter
I want like Meghan somehow revive Dick's old forgotten Titans memories.
9/9/2017 c5 2Teiko-Kiyoshi
I really like this. I want to know their reactions when they find out who agent 37 is, they are so gonna flip out XD
7/23/2017 c5 5Abbra063
You certainly have very... passionate Author's notes. Other than that and the many spelling and grammar issues I'm sure you are aware of, this is a really good at oryx that should be continued.
7/19/2017 c5 Lil'Sparrow7
. . . I kinda love this fic . . . I NEED MORE IN MY LIIIIFFEEE. . .
That is all! *cheesy grin*
6/10/2017 c5 MiraiLuki
This looks interesting
6/3/2017 c5 4curlystruggle
Please update this amazing story I love the way you Damian and Grayson and I can't wait for more of the teams interaction with Damian
6/3/2017 c4 curlystruggle
I love this story
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