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for Divine Reset - The Epic Path

12/9/2016 c2 Gbds
Longest. Seal. Description. EVER!
12/7/2016 c5 RaidenUzumaki14
this is awesome. i love the style. i just hope naruto does not resort to kurama in every fight. i love reading him winning with hiraishin and sage mode ans just regular jutsu like rasengan.
11/21/2016 c1 Dr1zzy
Bravo ! Author awesome story so far plz update
11/18/2016 c5 5Sunstar Writer
Thus story is amazing! I laughed so hard I thought I was gonna pee with that last bit with Mizuki! Please update again soon, this is too brilliant to not be updated XD
11/13/2016 c5 avid11read11er
Great start. I'm looking forward to where you take this.
11/13/2016 c5 zugna
Please i beg for an update so bad
11/9/2016 c2 nice chapter
I enjoyed this, the chunin threatening a 10 year old civilian in front of witnesses seemed a little odd but to be honest i've seen people in RL do dumber stuff for less reason, i also liked the way you played off the odd reactions of people to naruto and covered future ones.

the way you described the house and gave it a value to show the wierd actions on the fathers part and why the chunin would be reacting to such a loss was a nice touch.

a couple of things that broke SOD though, firstly the hokage wouldn't react that way to the chunin, especially in public. what he's been seen doing doesn't justify that response, ie being sacked and sent to be randomly tortured at somebodies whim. a more measured response would be to demote him and send him to ibiki to make sure it is an isolated incident.
the other thing that bugged me was meat. a hare provides a little under a kg of usable meat, a boar 25-40 kg. if he was to go through it in 2-3 days he'd be eating 4kg of meat at each meal, nevermind veg and carbs.
11/9/2016 c5 AzureSoulReaper
i look foreword to more soon
11/7/2016 c5 roylato
plz...update soon...
11/6/2016 c5 HaywireEagle
Honestly. the fingerless gloves thing is just.. ill fitting? It's like Naruto not liking orange or Ramen.
11/6/2016 c1 HaywireEagle
While Strong MC's are nice. I love it better when they are not silly one-dimensional characters with little to no real personality.

You seem to not be having that issue. I love how clueless Naruto is when it comes to women. It is a bit adorable and amusing at the same time.
11/5/2016 c5 arinasution5
11/4/2016 c5 InfinityMask
Hmmm.. I really like what you make in academy.. I think it's really funny.. Lol.. Oh mizuki incident also good!
11/4/2016 c4 InfinityMask
I'm curious... Will Naruto prevents Uchiha massacre?
11/4/2016 c2 InfinityMask
Hmmm... I wonder why Sarutobi surprised about Naruto forethought... I mean he knew Naruto is hokage in future...
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