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1/28/2017 c14 Droolia
I have to ask. Why was it Riley that was pushing to get to class early and not Rory? It seems like such a Rory thing to do based on what we know of her. Why did you decide to switch things up?
1/27/2017 c14 3roganjalex
Absolutely love it so much
1/27/2017 c14 4YaleAceBella12
Please write more...
1/24/2017 c13 21ayarian88
cant wait for more
1/11/2017 c13 3roganjalex
Absolutely love it so much can't wait to see the next chapter
1/11/2017 c12 roganjalex
Absolutely awesome love it so much
1/9/2017 c13 JJsMommy27
Love Rory and Tristan tpgether
1/9/2017 c13 jordana60
First of all, welcome back, happy birthday and congrats on the new job! This chapter was so sweet and full of hope and future plans and happy dreams. My god, watching Tristan with Sophie melted my heart. Giving him a good singing voice was a nice twist. The group playing house together was really amazing
1/8/2017 c13 Droolia
Welcome back to the land of normal. You survived the holidays!

I can't believe that they all talked about their futures together. Seems so mature. Was this something you consciously added because of Logan's proposal coming out of the blue and you wanted to highlight how much better Rory and Tristan fit together?
1/8/2017 c13 CabbieLoverSAC22
Don't worry about the update. I know how working in retail can be. For the this holiday season was crazy intense. Finally Luke and Lorelai got married it's about time.
1/8/2017 c13 4YaleAceBella12
Please write more...
12/11/2016 c12 Droolia
I'm glad your continuing in this universe because it's more memorable since all the other stories are pretty much the same right now. They don't start becoming unique until post baby. I loved the line about the coffee. Her love at first sight :)
12/2/2016 c10 fayriegirl
great chapter but I'm wondering if u realise that the list thing was a Haley mate thing from oth
11/28/2016 c12 jordana60
What a beautiful wedding!. I missed Tristan , but I completely loved Rory and Jess.. Im so glad theyre finally married!
11/28/2016 c12 52elang4
Yay they're married! Loved it! :)
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