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for Ah, Screw It!

6/19 c37 SimiMoncreiffe
Really enjoyed this story!
6/10 c37 darkpegasuzz
Loved the story, hope you write a sequel one day.
5/26 c8 Kai
Well, Harry did always sleep through history, didn't he? In my country primary school doesn't teach history, so that source of information is possibly out, too. But if the Hogwarts Express engine is something close to the model from the movies it's NOT 200 years old. Railway transport in 1792 was entirely horse-drawn. Trevithick started building mobile steam engines to power transportation in the very early 1800s. And those engines don't look even close to what the Hogwarts Express is. It was established in 1850 or so, locomotives had undergone massive improvements by then. The movie locomotive is a GWR 4900 class and was built in 1937. Which seems to be a little less that 200 years...
5/27 c1 hawkeyestratos1996
this freaking chapter made me laugh so hard!
5/20 c1 5Infernus est in animo
Please God, retroactively make this person a significantly worse writer. I need to stop losing sleep being absorbed by the likes it Whats a gungan and Harry Potter gets...
5/13 c24 2WolkaiserDrake
star gate Atlantis, I had a feeling something was up when constellations were mentioned
4/24 c3 Guest
Wankery is now officially unbearable. I'm outta here.
4/24 c2 Guest
Wank levels are off the charts. I don't see this being tolerable much longer.
4/24 c1 Guest
I understand not having much respect for HP's silly setting but is this level of protagonist wanking REALLY necessary?
4/16 c18 marvinkitfox1
Quality dropping.
Some really quant spelling and grammar errors,
like people making "wholes" in walls.

Why would professor Vector count RUNEwork towards their end of the year marks in her class, which is Arithmancy?
4/16 c17 marvinkitfox1
Sorry, but NO
There is no ways you can convince me that Dumbledore deliberately entering Harry into the TriWizard is NOT in violation of their Contract.
4/14 c12 N7SPARTAN-Commander-Jay117
Forget my last post, I remembered the StarGate Universe is slightly different when it comes to were things are in space and that the Pegues galaxy was roughly that faraway and the nearest galaxy to theirs.
4/13 c37 Spazzman29
This story got weird once Harry became king. If someone asked me what happened in this story I wouldn't be able to as its a bit of a mess as too many things happened in a small space of time.
4/11 c8 Spazzman29
Did I miss the part where Harry had an undying desire to go to space? One minute he and Sinistra were talking about telescopes, the next he all of a sudden treats going to space as though its his life's dream.
4/10 c3 Spazzman29
You are highly overestimating Granger's intelligence. Memorizing books ISN'T intelligence and she would get nowhere after school because of he inflexible thinking. If it's not in a book she is completely useless. Her superiority complex needs to be smacked down anyway.
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