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10/17 c24 Lurker
Can I say that this is amazing? You had an idea ran with and it was great. The characters are very good. The writing is excellent. It is very well paced. All in all, I’d put this into my favourite if I could be bothered to log in.
1/21 c24 C0rrupt3dSpy
i just wanted to reread this. I been revisiting old favorites lately
5/26/2020 c24 Person
I loved it! Especially the action!
4/7/2020 c21 1Dragonjek
Incidentally, Chara did a bare minimum of 9.9(repeating) x 1011349 damage in chapter 20.
Using some math someone else did, a single point of damage is about 2 joules of energy.

For comparison, the total combined mass-energy of the entire universe is only 4 x 1069. The number of particles in the entire universe, at the highest estimate, is 5.1 x 1085.

If you were to compress the energy of the entire universe into each individual particle composing our universe, then the difference between the amount of energy in our universe and the amount of energy in Chara's single attack (not even considering that it's technically infinite-just the amount visible on the page) is still exponentially more vast than the difference between a single Planck length (the small unit of measurement) and the size of the entire universe.
3/26/2020 c24 Asanil
I absolutely loved it. it was an amazing story ! !
thank you for your hard work c:
1/2/2020 c24 1ColonelJay
Forgot to say, but this is HEAVILY underrated! Add many more favorites and bookmarks to the title!
1/2/2020 c24 ColonelJay
Wow, just. Absolutely brilliant.

The plot was so very emphasizing and realistic that I almost didn't believe that this all just "flowed" from "a single question."

And my God, the character development! WOW! The personalities stayed true to canon with exceptions of Frisk and Chara (understandable as Frisk is... Frisk, and Chara's crazy by the time we officially meet her.)

Also you made the correct move by giving lesser-credited characters during the "Forced Genocide" run more ample time to generate their own goals, personas and screen time.

11/6/2019 c24 11Moonstruck-Dreamo
I'm sorry but this fic left me with a terrible feeling.
7/23/2019 c24 Guest
Final chapter.
You honestly did a good job characterizing most of the characters, and did a solid with how UT characters powers work. You probably could have done something with Asgore though.

In UT, game mechanics are essentially the laws of physics. You have to attack via the attack button, like how gravity has to pull things towards each other. Asgore opens by breaking one of the game mecahnics(the mercy button). This means Asgore can just stop physics from working.

Seeing as the other 6 humans were stated by Toby to have reset, Asgore definitely abused that ability to make them give up.

(My guess is to why he didn't use that was because he was suicidally depressed. Toriel being merely sad brings down her stats from 8080 to 00. So he was massively weakened and unwilling to abuse his abilities to win)
4/29/2019 c24 QuippyCaracal
Nice story. Was glad to see that they got the happy ending that they worked so hard for. I think you really endeared both Frisk and Chara to me, not to mention the MVP of our hearts, Papyrus.

And the fights! They were all really good! I think my favourite had to be Mettaton- you can really see how Flowey screwed Frisk over there-if he had stayed in the CORE, Frisk would have had the LOVE to OHKO them, but since they met earlier, it was a very hard fought victory, with Frisk really showing their skills.

All in all, great writing all around. Look forward to more in the future.
2/22/2019 c24 Bran
I'm not exactly sure where to start. I guess this is as good an opening statement I can muster:

Fuck you.

I saw the premise of this story and I was intrigued. I read the first few chapters and I was elated. I figured this was going to be some fun, real fun. When the dog came into the story I hopped it was just going to be one-off gag against my better judgement. In hindsight I should've stopped reading there. Once I finished reading chapter 11 I felt like my fears were going to be realized. Not wanting to waste any more time in case I was right, I skipped to the end. This chapter.

Well you can go fuck yourself, because what I was worried about came to pass. A saccharine, "happy" ending. Essentially, the glory of the first few, wonderful chapters, the ones in which I was overjoyed with, was wiped away. Invalidated. I feel simultaneously as though I've been backstabbed and incredibly foolish for thinking that the outcome would somehow be different. Alas, I'll have to shelve this in my mind as yet another let down.
1/20/2019 c24 4Klltsun25
This story is amazing! The fight scenes! The emotions! I love the descriptions and how you did the fight scenes, I love the annoying dog trolling Asriel, I love the ending, and holy crap blooky. Frisk being tortured/dying again and again, especially that part with Napstablook doing that thing with Frisk soul, made me shudder, imagining the pain he must've been in. And even when I dont ship Frisk/Chara, I still liked how they ended up, and her reaction to Frisk flirting with her made me laugh lol

Also, hmm... Asriel's soul would've technically already moved on right? It's only his essense that got awakened from determination? So no worries to when/if he dies? So... Yay happy ending!... Right?
1/19/2019 c1 Klltsun25
I havent read yet, I'm just looking around and downloading stuff, but ooohh mmyy god I was thinking of checking out some Undertale fanfiction recently! I was too lazy to actually google it, but I didnt expect to come across one while looking an author's stories after reading one of their Prototype fanfic and looking if they have more! So happy!
10/22/2018 c23 williamcll
Genocidal Asriel, now that is a rare sight.
9/8/2018 c18 1Dragonjek
Even the most brutal versions of fighting Sans that I've ever read don't approach the sheer, overwhelming force Napstablook presents here. Holy _shit_.
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