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4/20/2017 c16 1Krish11762
And now they finally reach asgore. Can't wait to see what happens to Chara.
4/19/2017 c16 13Heroic Spectre
RIP Burger bro, RIP Spaghetti bro, RIP Core monsters, RIP...

...Really, Alphys? Why would you...? Ooooh... :(

'Just one more murder? He could do that, no problem.' Poor Frisk.

Whatever happened to Undyne, though? Guess I'll find out.
4/19/2017 c15 14Mighty Dreamfinder
Dang, what a fight. But hey, I like how you included Muffet real quick before the real action started. Nice touch bringing in the monsters from the True Lab like that. I'm real impressed with your description when it comes to them and their fight scenes. Lemon Bread was always the one I hated fighting the most XD

Oh man, is Papyrus really going to die next? O_O

Great job as always!
4/17/2017 c15 I guest as much
Great update! This just keeps getting sadder and sadder, doesn't it.
4/17/2017 c15 13Heroic Spectre
Whoa, Frisk. Are you sure? If you die, Asgore might...

Ah, how are they hurting Chara? Is it bad that I feel worse about Chara getting hurt than Frisk?

Oh. uh... thanks, Gaster.

Welp, Papyrus death incoming. Feels imminent.

'Maintenance crew.' In the main game, they were actually hired by Mettaton to kill you. They're hitmen. Kind of messed up, actually.

Looking forward to the next chapter... and having Papyrus break my heart...
4/17/2017 c15 5BadDRUMMERboy15
The amalgamates died easier than expected. Thank god for Gaster.
Although, with the temmie armor gone, things are about to get complicated. Frisk has no armor other than the cowboy hat if they get it, and I have a feeling Undyne is looming.

One question keeps on begging my attention. Who will be in the judgement hall? With Sans dead so early, I have a suspicion it will either be Papyrus or Asgore.

Although, I don't think defense will be much of a worry when a certain armor piece is collected.
The Locket- 99 def
4/17/2017 c15 Server lock
I wasn't expecting the ghosts at this point, or more like I forgot they could be an issue. I loved the comfort Frisk did for Chara it was adorable. That said I had a rather hard time staying intrested in that fight. It lacked a purpose that would make me invested in it.
4/16/2017 c15 pikachewy1
interesting way of ending the fight with the Amalgamates, though it used up Gaster's aid and now Frisk doesn't have the Temmie Armor anymore. At least he seems to have reclaimed some of that empathy he was losing, but now he may have to gun down poor Papyrus. and of course Undyne and Asgore are still out and about. On a side note, interesting idea having the Amalgamates presence hurt Chara; I wonder where your taking that...hmm
4/16/2017 c15 1Krish11762
Nice chapter. Can't wait to see what happens next.
4/16/2017 c15 13ThePoeticWeirdo
At least Frisk seems to be caring about the killing again. Great chapter.
4/15/2017 c14 14Mighty Dreamfinder
Excellent chapter! Gaster was great to read about, and I like your way of writing him. This chapter also kinda helped explain things and put Asriel into better perspective, at least for me. I'm so not used to him being the 'villain' in a story, since it's usually Chara/Frisk, but I truly enjoy how you've taken his character down this darker path. It's very unique in my opinion.

Seeing Frisk find out exactly what the 'horrible thing' that Asriel is holding against him truly is - mistaken identity - was neat to read about, since we readers already knew. Gotta love those 'Aha!/ARE YOU SERIOUS?' moments XD

And that twist involving Chara being the candidate to stop Asriel is really clever. I look forward to reading more!
4/14/2017 c14 Server lock
Mmm, well this is a bit strange to think about deeply, but it does make sense. It's because Flowey is able to feel emotions, because he absorbed monsters that I feel he is beatable the thing that gave him so much strength is going to be his downfall. The thing that made him whole will destroy him, and when confronted with Chara, he will relent, he will break. The amount of power Chara has is greater than Flowey with six souls. The corruption of Chara, and the LOVE she feels for Frisk, and Asriel is going to be concerning.

Chara might end up obsessing over the wrong person at some point. Worse before it gets better a bloody Frisk I see in the future.
4/14/2017 c14 animeandgamerlover2
4/14/2017 c14 13ThePoeticWeirdo
I'm surprised that Asriel let them go. Still, at least they have a plan now.
4/13/2017 c14 13Heroic Spectre
Coin, you're making me look bad. I'm /almost/ finished with my next chapter!

Aw, rainbow goat's mad.

'Determination isn't a thing.' Oh, my sweet summer child.

'A ghost by the name of Napstablook. Irrelevant.' Poor Napstablook.

Gaster wants Demon Chara to torture Asriel? I have faith in Chara, but even I think that sounds like a... bad idea. Like, a really, really, bad idea. Though, I guess oblivion is a mercy compared to eternal torture...
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