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4/9/2017 c13 14Mighty Dreamfinder
I just came across this story, and it's got me completely hooked! Asriel being the main force of evil behind Frisk's genocide is a really interesting twist, thought at the same time I wanna see Asriel's butt kicked for turning so horrible. Lol, it's messing with me, trying to figure out what's going to happen and how this whole story will possibly end. I look forward to seeing more chapters!
4/9/2017 c13 14Heroic Spectre
Ah, the amalgamates. Another major plothole of the genocide run.

I love that little detail with the dog food. If you've killed even a single monster, it's half-empty, but if you're a pacifist, it's half-full!

Poor Asgore.
4/8/2017 c12 Morrosa
This is a awesome story! I read all of it in one day sadly but I hope you will continue this fanfiction! HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!
4/6/2017 c12 Heroic Spectre
Whoa, another chapter already? That was fast.

Oh, dear. Here come the Bad Times again.

''Come on Mettaton,' you pleaded mentally.' WAIT, WHAT?

Wow, that fight was really well done! It's funny that NEO gets such a brutal fight here when he just gets one-shoted in the game. Amazing the difference a little MDR makes.
4/6/2017 c12 13ThePoeticWeirdo
That was full of action and suspense; I admit I haven't seen the Mettaton Neo boss fight in a while but reading this made me feel like I was watching it. The only thing I didn't get was why bold numbers were inserted ever so often. Oh well, it'll probably be explained later. Good story. )
4/6/2017 c12 pikachewy1
nice to see Mettaton given some justice instead of being cannon fodder like in the game, but it seems like Frisk is slowly giving in to the hate.
4/6/2017 c12 5BadDRUMMERboy15
Mettaton, you should have just gone with he original plan...

Rest In Peace scary robot man, you will be remembered. This temmie armor is making fights a lot easier, but they still are ridiculously hard because of the difference in timing. Without the extra LOVE, Frisk was unable to one shot Mettaton.

Sweet Lordy I wonder how Undyne will turn out at this rate.
4/6/2017 c12 1Krish11762
Great chapter. I'm really looking forward to what happens next
4/5/2017 c12 Ur2Cool
Thanks so much for the awesome update! I'm loving your story, and this was a great action-packed chapter. Can't wait to see more of your writing :)
4/3/2017 c11 WHAT THE BIMPS
"Humans, Monsters,
Flowers." - River Person
4/3/2017 c11 WHAT THE BIMPS
i like this story but...
Thing under shyren is another monster.
Chara lived in 20XX.
4/2/2017 c11 That one guy named me
The god and the godess doth help Frisk
4/2/2017 c11 13ThePoeticWeirdo
Stalagmites at the bottom and stalactites at the top. Good job (I can't actually put a thumbs up picture)
4/1/2017 c11 pikachewy1
Hmm, seems the Dog is stacking Frisk's "deck" bit by bit. I wonder how Gaster fits into this and when the Dog will make his move. It's like watching a chess match where one player has more of the powerful pieces but the other possesses much greater skill and is waiting for the right moment. Do hope Frisk and Chara can hang onto their sanity to the end though.
4/1/2017 c11 14Heroic Spectre
Confessions? Hey! That's one of my chapters! :D

And what a great confession it was! It's always nice to see Chara done right. Not pure evil, but not, well, the greatest person either. I love how we see her pretty much the exact same way. Thanks for that. It warms my soul.

Mannequin level... damn it, Chara...

Wait, but the notebook and glasses actually have less attack and defense...

Aww, Temmie...
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