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for Recursion

12/20/2016 c5 5BadDRUMMERboy15
Toriel's death made me so sad ;-;

I cri and cri.
Dammit, stop making me want to hate Asriel. Go back to being a cinnamon roll you edgy goat monster.
11/12/2016 c4 8TheHerobriner
I just got the "Loox eyewalker" joke D= HOW DID I NOT GET THIS SOONER!
11/12/2016 c4 TheHerobriner
I just got the "Loox eyewalker" joke D= HOW DID I NOT GET THIS SOONER!
11/11/2016 c4 frozem1
good chapter!
11/11/2016 c4 23Fire Marshall Bill Burns
Can't wait to see Sans' reaction that it is Asriel behind it
10/15/2016 c3 Kaoupa
Good work!
10/15/2016 c3 The Toad Soldier
Why is Chara so spiteful towards humans in this reset? She liked Frisk before.
10/14/2016 c3 pikachewy1
Poor foolish Asriel. I wonder what would be worse, a vengeful Frisk & Chara supercharged by LV tearing him to pieces or the wrath of Annoying Dog. Just kidding, the dog is clearly the more terrifying, but what does he have in store for Asriel hmm? (cackles evilly). Anyway great job with this story, it's interesting to see Asriel so drunk with power. Seems like he'll soon reap his just desserts for it though.
10/14/2016 c3 cybermage99
Annoying dog vs God of HyperDeath, dog wins, fatality.
10/14/2016 c3 5BadDRUMMERboy15
Ah ASRIEL... not sticking to script gets Toby mad... you do NOT want to see Toby mad. I'm wondering what would happen if Chara stole control from Frisk and spoke to ASRIEL. Although, he probably would think Frisk is imitating them. I'm excited for where this goes!
10/4/2016 c2 121SaintHeartwing
WOW this story is misanthropic. What is it with you and genocidal endings?
9/23/2016 c2 7J. Renee Worsing
*slams hands down on desk* /Yes/. All of this /yes/. Holy shit I've got tingles.
9/10/2016 c2 Sleepless
Well. This is a rather interesting spin on things.
I'm not entirely certain where your going to take this, which is exciting. I'm generally of the hope that something will divert Asriel from his current direction of being a god-child of unpleasant temperament. But unless I'm mistaken he's already lived several lifetimes in various shapes and forms. So not certain how that hope might come about.

Eagerly (with a tinge of dread) awaiting the next chapter/s
9/7/2016 c2 cybermage99
I love it, keep up the good work.
9/4/2016 c2 I guest as much
Well dang, Asriel got screwed up.
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