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6/24/2017 c24 14Heroic Spectre
What a beautiful way to end it! Thank you so much for writing this. It's been great! You know I liked the Charisk at the end. ;)

Also, Asriel and Goner Kid? Funny, I kind of toyed with the idea of shipping him with Monster Kid. Though, I feel like it would be kind of sad for him to be with anyone but another Boss Monster because of the whole immortality thing. I guess Frisk and Chara also have that problem in this. :/

'Maybe it wasn't the best possible ending.'

Really, though? It's definitely better than the canon ending. Sure, Frisk gets PTSD whenever he sees a dusty table, but everyone lived! Asriel's a goat again, Chara's alive and happy with Frisk, and even Gaster and his followers were saved, it's pretty much as good as it could get. The journey was horrible, but I'd say the destination was worth it.

Anyway, thanks again. I enjoyed reading!
6/24/2017 c24 1Krish11762
Thank you for the wonderful story.
6/21/2017 c20 9999999999999999
6/16/2017 c23 1Dragonjek
Brilliant job. I'm guessing the next chapter will either be an epilogue, or will directly follow this up to address Frisk's orphanage-ness (and make him live up to that outrageous flirting and finally smooch Chara, dammit).

And, in conclusion-god _damn_, Napstablook's hardcore.
6/16/2017 c11 Dragonjek
6/15/2017 c23 pikachewy1
hmm, nice resolution so far. Wonder how it'll go with the humans. By the way, I thought of some other issues that Chara and Frisk would have to deal with. Considering that Frisk is bound to Chara and that she is immortal, how would that effect Frisk. Would he still age normally and simply be bound to Chara as a soul after his death, or would he remain static? Could Chara artificially set his age to some number and maintain it (if he wants to remain 10 for example)? If he does age, how would that affect their relationship? If Chara remains as a child-like form but Frisk ages it could make things considerably awkward, to say nothing of physical intimacy. If Chara can change her form to reflect Frisk's age (i.e. appearing as a young woman) does she still gain the benefits of maturity (since the brain changes substantially during adolescence) and if Frisk wanted to be intimate would she even feel anything from such an encounter? Frisk would likely feel very awkward about such things if Chara got nothing out of it. True, sex is only one aspect of a relationship, but it's something to consider. Also, (though I doubt it since she exists out of time) could Chara conceive, and if so (by some quirk) would she even want to, considering she and Frisk are immortal and any possible child, blood or otherwise, would be vastly outlived by them. Heck, they'd outlive the universe itself and then-some, so how do they cope with eternity in the multi-verse (at least there's no shortage of things to do). Questions to consider for the epilogue. Have fun!
6/13/2017 c23 14Mighty Dreamfinder
I really enjoyed seeing this take of the general 'walkthrough' of the game, with Chara and Asriel involved and the goal of breaking the barrier being so easily in reach. It was nice to see Sans' interaction with Asriel, and how he handle's Asriel's grief. As for Asriel himself, it's both touching and heartbreaking watching him live with his own guilt. (But that's a big part of genocide in Undertale if you think about it, isn't it?)

Yay for seeing Gaster now okay! And off course Undyne trying to kill Frisk was expected XD Also, I freaking love Frisk's flirts with Chara. Hehehe.

Papyrus running off for a human city and then Chara's "I have some concerns," line was gold. :D I'm very, very curious to see what the next chapter holds!
6/13/2017 c23 13ThePoeticWeirdo
Oh Papyrus. Well, just as long as he doesn't do anything too crazy, I'm sure everything will be fine. And though Chara's threat to kill Frisk is certainly something she has the power to carry out, by the way she was handling him holding her hand, he seems like he'll be safe.
6/13/2017 c23 mome mome
1 left and it is... coincidencless!
6/13/2017 c20 wow
6/13/2017 c23 1A Mage's Apprentice
A tale ends soon. Another may begin? Who knows...
Anyways, I've enjoyed this story pretty well. One can only imagine if you have plans for a sequel.
If not...

*scribbles notes about adding Recursion!Chara to my multiverse in a future fanfic*
6/13/2017 c23 5BadDRUMMERboy15
I'm... quite worried on what Asriel did. I don't think sans would have let him do anything durastic, but I'm still skeptical that he may have extracted those souls.

Frisk has to depart. The human who helped them all can't stay. The "I have places to go" option always struck me as heartbreaking. Imagine the monsters seeing Toriel come down the mountain, without their savior.

Which brings the next bittersweet part of the chapter. Frisk never got to make all of those friends. They barely even know the kid. Its a good ending, but just left a bit of a void. Well played.

I await the next chapter!
6/12/2017 c23 I guest as much
Great update, as always! It was nice to see all of these story threads being resolved, though I'm surprised we didn't see Alphys' reaction to Asriel's story. Eh. Either way, I can't wait for the next update!
6/12/2017 c23 1Krish11762
Good chapter. Can't wait to see how it ends.
6/12/2017 c23 12The Mad Mystic
Frisk flirting with Chara? I usually like charisk but...

I love this version. Unlike other stories where it comes out of nowhere, this one built it up over time, showing they could rely on each other and building a level of trust... The only problem I have with this chapter is that it means we are that much closer to the end...
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