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6/10 c1 cinderelladreaming
I love this series. it is like watching the humorous family version of POI
1/28 c85 DreadWoman
Glad you're back. Soul searching way to start the new year for everyone, or so it seems.
1/25 c85 48SWWoman
Fusco is adorable, I just hope Christmas isn't a total disaster.

"What I mean is; Paul's too heavy for you to carry, Taylor. Joss couldn't do it. Gina couldn't do it. Susan can't do it. And neither can you. I know it's hard but you can't help him."

That Huskies Hat of Wisdom can be a heavy burden, but handled this about the best way it could have been handled. You can't save someone who doesn't think they need to be saved. Everything Paul has done ahs lead to this. He's not a bad person, but he has never taken responsibility for his own life. It's up to him now. Jos couldn't do it and she's happily married to JOHN. Let that sink in.
12/27/2020 c84 Impvme
I didn’t know there was such a thing as marshmallow pie. So glad to see Taylor can read John like John can read Taylor. Her boys got her even if they fumble at it a bit.
12/26/2020 c84 SWWoman
Dying at Leon still trying to guess who John is married to. I'm looking forward to when he figures it out, John may have to throttle him then!

"She brings you joy, Fusco." She looked him up and down. "Don't we need it?" - Yes, we do. Even when it comes with some big caveats.

I actually liked Bella a lot, but not too crazy about Taylor cyber-stalking. Poor guy needs a GF who appreciates him.

John going all mushy over Joss just hanging up her jacket and opening mail is the mood I needed right now. Poor guy probably hasn't celebrated Christmas in a couple of decades and here he is trying to fill Evelyn's size 6s. Thankfully Taylor is around to drop the hints he needs. I'm sure he'll do a great job because when John focuses, he's unstoppable. He'll probably over do it, but Joss is worth it.
12/15/2020 c83 SWWoman
Man, it sounds like Martina's kids do have a rough road ahead, as well as Lionel's relationship. The fates handed those kids and their mother a raw deal. I wonder what Lionel will do?

John and Leon made me giggle. I need more!

I know Joss is upset she won't see her mom over the holidays, but I can't blame Evelyn and Gregory. Heck, if I had Evelyn's family, I'd leave the country a lot. Like every holiday. Please tell me this doesn't mean Joss has to face the Dixie Toxins over the holidays!
12/13/2020 c82 12Jhill88
Oh dang I'm already caught up

On another note I have a feeling things with Lionel's new lady love are going to go bad, she's just too good to be true. Poor Lionel.
12/13/2020 c80 Jhill88
Did I mention I love Dorian he was my favorite of all the young kids lol (you know what I mean).

Idk if it bodes well for Gina though to have him though.
12/13/2020 c74 Jhill88
This chapter right here, Taylor reminds me sooo much of Joss from last chapter wishing he could save the world but it's not not possible.
12/13/2020 c72 Jhill88
How I've missed you and this universe. You have me a reason to reread this whole series laugh and fall on love again. I'm sooooo happy that you're back.
12/8/2020 c82 48SWWoman
John with Leon, one of my favorite buts from the show! "Who's your wife? Mother Theresa?" "Almost." Snerk!

Picturing in my mind John dragging Leon around by the scruff of the neck like a naughty puppy.

"They're amateur art thieves and she's…Sameen Shaw on a half-empty stomach." They're lucky she respects the art and is only tasing them!

Joss has to be the adult on the team. Good thing she likes you, Finch.

I like how Joss assessed the situation and was confident in John's skills to get home alive. She knows her man.

Leon is joining the team? *Screams* This is gonna be GOOD!

Still dreading what Martina has to tell Fusco.
12/4/2020 c81 SWWoman
YAY! I love Leon. Will we be seeing the rascal or is he going to stay off screen?

Oh NO! Don't break poor Fusco's heart. I still like Shaw with Fusco, though.

Glad Joss took the high road and put aside her dislike of Zoe to throw her a bone. I can tell you from personal experience the that the Mommy Wars are tough. Much tougher than war with guns. Finch was right, they make a good if Zoe can keep her paws off John. Sigh. Seems like we need to get used to the idea of having Zoe around.
11/30/2020 c80 3KMBF
Aw. Not Paul losing Gina to a pastor below the Mason Dixon who is literally just trying to pray with her. Yikes, Paul. But it's not healthy if at some point they think each other is cheating by their lift in their moods. Damnit yall.

Poor Taylor.

Good chapter
11/30/2020 c80 48SWWoman
It seems Zahra and Taylor have reached a good place in their relationship where they can be friends. I'm glad, I don't think she was good for him as a GF, but she could be good as a friend. I'm also glad he decided not be a witness, especially since it looks like it was Margot who tried to drag him in.

Noguerra's back? Crud. That can't be good for Joss.

Joss teasing Fuco was adorable. Martina sounds perfect for him so far!

Yay for Susan calling out Paul on accepting that Thanksgiving invite. Sometimes I wish she would be more forceful with him, but that would probably drive him away.

So now what is Paul going to do about Gina? Something stupid I'm guessing.
11/28/2020 c79 DreadWoman
Wow! just peeling back the layers. Joss and Evelyn speaking the truth to Ce Ce and Aunt Cammie. John standing-up for his squad (his pack), and Joss sharing more of her real self with her boy. I love these new chapters way too much. Thanks as always.
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