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5/31/2019 c1 thegrison
Wow you killed the idea and story in the first half of the first chapter. Soooo many things that are wrong or complete bull stink. Good idea though but bad writing.
2/18/2019 c4 BD
Good riddance. This fic was total trash.
2/18/2019 c4 35Potterformers
your creativeness will be missed
2/18/2019 c4 Zahndrekh
I am extremely sad to learn that one of the best authors decides to leave the fanfiction!
your story was one of the best Naruto crossovers that I have ever read so far because of its originality, because unlike the vast majority of Naruto crossovers, the latter isn't found in another universe, has no harem and especially not that of another protagonist like Issei (Highschool Dxd wink) lol!

a breath of fresh air in this nauseating tide of Naruto's x protagonist harem fics!

I hope that an author will be interested or that you will find someone to continue, because it would be a crime to let them take the dust.

thank you again for this amazing story!
take care of yourself and good luck for your work!
12/11/2018 c3 KyzzSenpai
i Wonder what raven and anko doing
8/24/2018 c3 24SpikedTankedmaster300
Can't wait for the next update
8/10/2018 c3 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
A good chapter. So...from what I can see from the flashbacks, it’s apparent that Garfield was spoiled quite a bit hm? I wonder why that is and just what made him change? In any case, I really enjoyed this and I hope to see more. It’s been awhile since the last update after all!

Till next time!
8/8/2018 c3 41JP-Ryder
Nice. Worth the wait.
8/8/2018 c3 15NinjaFang1331
Awesome job
8/8/2018 c3 6Inkaliber
Interesting. In all honesty, it feels like you’re pushing the cursing and sexual references too much. If you did it a little, it wouldn’t bother me so much, but it seems like you can’t go three sentences without seeing one, if not both, of those things. Just something I thought I’d point out. Other than that, it’s a great story. I wonder if Garfield will teach Naruto the Rasengan and some special Namikaze techniques? I love the incoming rivalry between Hinata and Blackfire, even if Hinata is the only one actually vying for Naruto. Hope for an earlier chapter update.
3/22/2018 c2 Inkaliber
Are you still working on this story? If not, is it up for adoption? This story is too good to just sit unfinished.
3/16/2018 c2 Inkaliber
Update please!
4/12/2017 c2 18HinataSoup
So wicked cool for the fighting and description of their own specialities
4/12/2017 c1 HinataSoup
Why is garfield a bit flirty? Raven is amazing as she is (probably cause of old teen titan show)
3/22/2017 c2 24BlueKnight-X2
This gonna be one heck of a battle!
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