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10/7/2018 c2 Face Yourself
I like that you're keeping Ben's personality as an impulsive, immature idiot intact. Makes it much more believable.
8/25/2018 c36 UnknownSeven7
Sorry I haven't been able to read this for a while. This is so sad. I had literal heartache reading this. I can't put it down to words how much I love the fluff/angst combo. I feel so bad for BenBut that's just how life is for him, unforgiving. Even though this chapters was more of angst, I still chuckled to some parts of it. Its so unreal how at one moment the atmosphere is warm and happy, and then it becomes cold and sad. Its unique! I guess that's why I like this story so much! Its just wonderful!
8/6/2018 c34 UnknownSeven7
Thanks, again.. I think I can never thank you enough! ;)
This keeps getting more and more engaging. You have so much talent! Seriously, write a book! You'd make so much money out of it. You put loads and loads of effort into this. Still, this does not get enough respect. Shoot for the stars! Reach beyond the skies, you're gonna go far with your skills. I know I'm not the only one thinking like this. I've just had a dramatic turn of events in my life.. But Im so relieved when I can grab a pillow and read a new chapter. I love it. Just remember, don't stress about not posting a chapter. Write when you want. This is awesome!
8/6/2018 c34 AcrylicBrush
I've just found this story and I have to say this is incredible. I'm speechless. I like this. I see you have quite alot of talent. I read everything from the first chapter to this current last one. Great. Keep writing if you can.
8/1/2018 c32 UnknownSeven7
Again, awesome! I couldn't stop laughing when I read the Han Solo lyrics. That was hilarious. I Love it! This story is SO good. All the same, keep it going! I don't know if you've done it on purpose, but I find so many references from these chapters. It's amazing! Just love it so much.
7/25/2018 c31 UnknownSeven7
Awesome! Thank you for the swift updates! Reading this always brightens my day! I feel so bad for Ben.. Im interested what will happen next. Purely awesome. I Love it.
7/25/2018 c30 UnknownSeven7
Again, this is just completely and utterly awesome. This chapter was actually heartbreaking. Poor Ben.. You did this so well. I Love it. No matter how many times I've said that, its still true. Thanks for the quick updates, and thanks for everything else. The story is so captivating. You put everything into great perspectives. I still have the next chapter to read!
7/17/2018 c29 UnknownSeven7
I've been longing for an update! Again.. Thanks! This story does always help me. I just can't find any flaw in it. For me, this is the perfect escape from life! I just love it, all of it. You have so much talent! And as you made Ben A really good artist, I can't explain how happy i was! You put so much effort into this, so im wondering why it doesnt get all the respect it should. This is wonderful. So awesome. Comedic but serious, a perfect mix. A. Keep it going, as always you have my support!
5/3/2018 c28 UnknownSeven7
Thank you. Just thank you, again. I'm sorry to hear about your PTSD... Whatever it is that happened, it's gonna be alright. Maybe that's a strong word, but atleast not everything is gonna be like messed up and so on.. Good chapter! I laughed so hard. I love this story. I was mindblown to hear you're an author and a filmmaker. You have talent. Let me set this straight, I have Anxiety and depression. This story helped me, since I too, can some what relate to Ben. And it's probably not that hard to guess but I too read fan fiction to take a break from life. Thank you for writing this! It really helps me get through my days! It's the best feeling to see a notification that says this story has been updated. I love this, I love all of it! Just remember when I say this, you have all my support! This story has so many references, I love it. Keep going!
4/28/2018 c1 UnknownSeven7
Aww. Thats so nice of you! Thank you! I really like this story. Its like a string that you can pull forever without it breaking. You always find new ways to get me lost in this story. Have you considered ever writing a book? You have the talent for that! Your skills are unbeliavable. I'm all for the sequel thing. Trust me, i'm gonna linger around for a long time. Also the dream girl, that was really interesting. I just love it! Keep going!
4/12/2018 c26 UnknownSeven7
Awesome! I Love it! Don't worry about not publishing a chapter, it's really worth waiting for. Also I really liked the TLJ references, and the childish arguments between Ben and Kylo. Keep it going!
2/4/2018 c25 UnknownSeven7
Love it!
2/2/2018 c23 UnknownSeven7
I Love everything about this story, and I read it over and over all the time. Please add a new chapter, I can't wait to read more! Hope everythings okay!
10/30/2017 c23 Guest
Can Captain Phasma come in like Kylos aunt? She can be like Reys mom too hehe. Seems like Phasma cared for Kylo. Maybe bring Hux as her boyfriend and Kylos uncle or even cousin too (acting like it). Please update your story soon!
10/26/2017 c23 1fireheart13
Oh my gosh i love your story you are the best
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