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for Mystery Twins 17 Celebration

8/31/2020 c1 48psav2005
I’m a few years late on this one but wanted to check it out after reading your story about their 21st story. Really good story, enjoyed reading all the fun they had. Especially Pacifica thinking the memory erase gun was a camera, and Soos, Wendy, and Ford drinking all of Stan’s tequila
2/7/2017 c1 JustAnotherFreak
I loved this sooooooo much!
10/23/2016 c1 DHW
The good old gang, (btw what happind to Giddin).
9/8/2016 c1 changelingwhorl
Yeah, I enjoyed it. It's kind of fast-paced, though.
9/1/2016 c1 3H80NP
I personally like this thing with one-shots on occasions :) I tried to do one myself, but it didn't happen.

Although I don't ship Dipcifica, The shipping was pretty good. But set that aside, the story was perfect! I can totally feel the relief they had after not being in Gravity Falls for their birthday.

It was funny too, the way Stan and Ford opposed on ideas, and the footage of what happened last night was really hilarious!

Keep up the good work!

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