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2/13/2017 c4 superfanman217
i love it
2/13/2017 c4 1The.Not.Really.My.Name
Writing style is OK, but... Was it really necessary for Cain to be so... Soft? Dragons are arrogant, prideful and really annoying creatures, so he shouldn't have made a pact with the voice, and the moment little... Child... Sounds about right, I guess... Should have been punished or at least reprimanded for being disrespectful towards almighty dragon.
Have you ever heard of a dragon that had 'let bygones be bygones' attitude? Even the most kind dragon would have a slight case of anger... What type depends on dragon. Oh and Tali...a... Should be more of Albedo type, meaning complete yandere.
2/13/2017 c2 The.Not.Really.My.Name
What the hell... Those aren't Overlord stats... Yeah increase in stats are good, but jobs?! Nerf him a bit... Like add some items that can increase his level in some jobs, and some sort of expendable world class item for... leveling purposes... Like one of twenty ' *&#$!?/#$?!' which can't be pronounced due to it being an ancient spell for calling the almighty 'shitty devs!' Or something like that...
Anyway level over 15 is... Non-canon, so change them... Uh... Please? Oh and stats... Just put them all to 100 with defence exceeding limit... And additional stat namely 'luck' with the -9999 as a penalty... Immortal with a really, I mean REALLY, bad luck...
12/10/2016 c3 1eye of sparta
Amazing so far when will you post the next chapter?
11/29/2016 c1 5loop2
lol... esdeath is from akame ga kill...
please update soon...
11/29/2016 c3 30levelgap

Aww ... Did someone talk about my story!?
Anyway , Good work on this :D

~ Levelgap
11/28/2016 c2 Russian Reversal
199 level
800 points
6 "Exceeds limit" value
Well, bad fanfics - another brother in your close famiy.
9/20/2016 c1 King of queens
I quite like this story and its potential however I noticed that you have a trend of writing a single chapters and then abandoning them which is your right but do tell us so we don't get our hopes up thinking you'll write another chapter.
9/9/2016 c1 R3hmix
interesting start, i look forward to read more
9/2/2016 c1 tomfe59
parece tener futuro la historia, aunque va a ser complicado que todos los npc lo amen; seria mejor que solo fueran 5 npc que lo amen, no creo que pueda con todo un batallon de mujeres...
el no es keima katsuragi...

espero con ansias tu proximo capitulo, por favor pon una roza de 7 colas y una draconiana en el harem, seria geniaaaal.
9/2/2016 c1 Jake
Making the OC the CEO's son seemed a bit unnecessary. In the Overlord universe 'players' are already extremely overpowered so i could do without the whole special treatment thing. Besides you could've created a new species without making Cain the CEO son. But i still really enjoyed this first chapter. It does have a nice concept and a lot of potential.
9/2/2016 c1 Volfy790
9/1/2016 c1 6S6D6
Good story concept. However, both grammar and spelling can use quite a bit of polishing. I noticed many errors in regards to each. Basically I recommend looking over your work at least 2-4 times, and getting someone else to proof is a wonderful idea as well. Wish you the best success,

9/1/2016 c1 Someguy
So your just making him op like the guy with "Developers's daughter". well since its youre story I dont see the problem. I want to make one making Momonga op(not that he isn't one in the original).
9/1/2016 c1 Guest
Very interesting first chapter, i hope you post more soon.
ps: I think you meant akame ga kill instead of kill la kill.
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