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9/14/2016 c3 DBlade59
Ok I admit I could of worded some stuff better and that I jumped the gun a bit with the seal thing. I get the fact he would hold back till stuff happen where he would need to start using the bigger guns and as for the seal I assumed you did what most people do when they write that Naruto has power sealed away which is having most sealed and little control with using what is sealed if released. Hard to say weather or not Naruto should be a member of the League as they usually have a no-kill rule and at least this Naruto seem like he would kill the villain if he felt he had/needed to. As for who else could be possibly added to the poll how about Blackfire (granted she usually kept in space or ruling her home planet but it might work and she could be old enough to qualify depending on how old her sister is and the age gap between them), she is a trained warrior/was mistreated and an outcast due to events of the her birth (invasion and rare condition she has)/has good tactical skills/trained to lead her people/and if she has to would use darker methods even if she would regret it.
9/14/2016 c3 Guest
9/14/2016 c3 Kestes
Damn l good job here! You threw me off (in a good way) when Naruto was able make use of the energy given off of Ivy but it does make sense. Not seen him do that in other fanfics so (y).

I look forward to reading more
Best regards,
9/14/2016 c2 jmknz777
naruto and poison ivy
9/14/2016 c3 eniox27
Great stuff some good info on the hero movement. Some bonding with katana along with an intro to ivy with the added bonus of seeding a possible relationship with his help. Neat doc fate a possible ally.
9/13/2016 c3 Guest
Pair naruto with jade from young justice
9/11/2016 c2 Cylon One
From first chapter to second, this has been a most excellent continuation from the Suicide Squad movie with Naruto in the mix.

Eagerly look forward to each new chapter.

I think you ought to do that deal with translations on them all.
9/8/2016 c2 1R-king 93
9/8/2016 c2 DBlade59
After getting some sleep and rethinking about it the sealing his powers/abilities seem pretty dumb. I mean you had him as the Seventh Hokage, which mean he would be smarter and have the wisdom maturity and experience to lead both the village and all its' ninjas (he also probably gotten some training for the position). Also since he is/was the Seventh that mean that Kakashi held the position for at least a few years and given Naruto likes to train he more than likely used those few years along with shadow clone spamming to train and master all his abilities. Probably also got help from scrolls/friends/teachers/Kurama/the other tailed-beasts/and his relationship with the other villages to learn new jutsu and skills during that time as well (also probably helped with what he already had), so there shouldn't be any reason for him to seal any of his powers/abilities as logically he should already have them trained/mastered to a fairly high level.
This wasn't meant as flame or a hate review just trying to point out something you might of overlooked and I know someone else did the same in the review as they're the one that got me thinking on it too. Also before anyone say that Naruto with all his powers he gained in your setup of the 4th war in god-like, it isn't unless there is no one that can beat him or challenge him (even if he held back or was super cocky) otherwise he is just incredibly strong or OP (like most kage class fighters and jinchūriki should be).
9/8/2016 c2 DBlade59
Sealing away some of his abilities seem a bit excessive at the moment but I guess there could be some reason to it and it was said that he would be able to undo the sealing if he had to (I'm just going to assume the sealing is to keep him from starting out in the story with the power of a demi-god). Though with the seal mentioned I now kind of what to know what powers/abilities are sealed away at the moment. I can already see that Bruce's need of having a plan(s) to takedown everyone if the situation(s) arrives is going to bite everyone in ass pretty quick, also that whole 'the plan to take down Batman if needed is the Justice League' is just plain BS as he holds plans/ideas/gadgets/blueprints/etc. on how to take on everyone so he would already able to takeout a good chunk of the people after him before they even know they need to stop him.
was nice to see 4 out of my 5 possible pairing suggestions make it to list, didn't think I would see Waller let Naruto go with so little knowledge on his abilities, kind of hope as the story progresses that Naruto will release the seal and start having his full power available for use (I mean once something is release it stay release and not just resealed)
9/7/2016 c2 2LittleScareCow
Really great story. Love it so far. I agree with HellaDope, as adding the girls to the harem could create more plot and conflict, make everything more interesting
9/7/2016 c2 HellaDope
Having Harley quinn with naruto could make a good plot point with Joker it could also lead in with batman same said with wonder woman how she could be a plot point with Lexus Luther and the justice League kind of area either two would be my choice
9/7/2016 c2 The Man In Black1
Good chapter and interesting the way things are going. I also want to cast my vote for katana because she is one of my favorite characters and I believe she and narutos personalities kinda balance each other.
9/7/2016 c1 18Otsutsuki no Yami
I am deep disappointed in Naruto. You let him exclaim all the secrets and he would never have been Hokage if he could not keep things secrets. The image I get is that he is fucking 12, no growth and this just ruins your whole story. Dump this shit!
9/7/2016 c2 nope
you might not think he said anything important but you still have him blab out unnecessary information about chakra what it can do and what not your "slighty mature" is way more trusting than his canon counterpart and that saying something espically since he's a Hokage this time around. "Oh hey chakra can recharge and its not full bla bla blee bla." Seriously whats the point of that? There is no point and giving him two last is retarded theres no point in adding his dad's name to his current last name other than to make him into a "self impose badass" didn't add his dad name in canon, don't see why you think to add it here.
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