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for Night-Blooming Cereus (昙花一现)

3/31 c29 Guest
Ultimate combo, Time Freeze Amaterasu.

See me Personally I'd Attempt to Use Another Summoning Jutsu to Get out of there Jiraya Style. And hope that the Animal species i get summoned to meet us more helpful than those Annoying Mutts
2/21 c2 negortin
I read these first 2 chapters and really liked what you wrote so far. but you're completely correct in that there is a huge difference between how you write now and how you wrote all those years ago. I sadly could not get through the next chapter after that. but as you said everyone starts somewhere and you have really improved it seems. so I just wanted to congratulate you on that. I don't think I will be able to read until the writing catches up to where you are now. but anyway, keep up the good work.
2/10 c45 jixuel
Honestly, this town is rotten. I'd love her to destroy this dump called Konoha. If not that, at least get sasuke and get out. There's nothing good there for the Uchiha
2/10 c36 jixuel
Shisui, Kakashi, you sons of bitches. You know with 100% certainty that Danzo would go after the remaining Uchihas in Konoha, and yet you don't open your mouths to say anything other than a superficial and useless warning?
Honestly, my suspension of disbelief is wavering with this forced situation here.

In the afterlife, Shisui didn't want to tell us about the Uchiha Cla Coup, but I can understand that with great difficulty. BUT WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T HE WARN HER THAT DANZO COMMANDS THE ROOT AND HAS A CRAVING FOR SHARINGANS? It doesn't make any sense, shisui is fucking dead, he could have told mc about danzou, the coup too by the way...

This is just forced drama, stupidly fragile to believe
2/10 c29 jixuel
At this rate, she'll soon lose her sight completely... How can itachi be so much more efficient than her and Sasuke?
12/11/2023 c4 Guest
Such a pathetic and Weak OC
10/30/2023 c21 17Child of Dreams
10/30/2023 c15 Child of Dreams
When was the Chidori incident?
I think I missed that part...
8/25/2023 c88 1Fatecaster Reborn
This story is absolutely incredible, in a class of its own. The level of world-building and detail crammed into the chapters honestly blew my mind. I can't comprehend having that much complicated planning in one brain at once but holy cow I'm so grateful for it. I binged this whole thing at lightning speed and I'm honestly kinda worried nothing else will hold up as strongly in comparison after this lol. A truly compelling twist on the story and dedication to logical changes too. 1000/10 easily
7/29/2023 c45 marcodansby
Youre really overdoing it with the angst and drama. Christ in heaven. You need to start adding a better mix of happy and peaceful periods in between the angst so its not so painful to read. I like the premise of the story, and i think you’re a good writer, but bad things dont have to happen for the sake of it, and this supposed career assasin in two lifetimes having breakdowns every two seconds just starts to get annoying after a while.
7/7/2023 c26 Kikidium
To be honest, I love the fuwa fuwa deus. It's so cute and helps break the tension between scenes, so I think it still works!
7/7/2023 c24 Kikidium
oh my, this chapter was certainly emotionally charged and I'm so here for it!
7/6/2023 c6 Kikidium
I loved this chapter!
6/23/2023 c88 00esoteric00
wonderful story
2/18/2023 c66 Poprdog
What are these anbu masks made of lol. They keep falling off
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