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for Night-Blooming Cereus (昙花一现)

9/6 c86 30Engineer4Ever
Just want to say thank you for the fantastic journey. You wrote a great story!
9/6 c87 Engineer4Ever
Man, the dance of the two of their relationship is really sweet.
9/3 c88 Nerugigante
Well this sucks, I don’t think I can read another FanFiction when this story put the bar so high now
9/1 c88 1DandeIion
In my 2 years of reading fanfiction I have never once commented on a work. I do not know if you'll read this, but I wish you know that this fanfiction was by far one of the most compelling, intricate and satisfying pieces that I had the honor to discover, not only did you make a masterpiece, you finish it in such a satisfying way, (Which is already rare in this Fandom) The interaction all felt true and natural. You kept the the characters In character whiles still improving and embellishinsh them onto another level. Not only did you succeed, you succeeded as undoubtedly not just the best Naruto OC fanfiction not just as A Naruto Fanfiction, but one of the greatest Fanfiction in its whole genre. Your dedication amazes me, and your work is something to be proud of. Thank you for making this, Thank you for the joys you've giving me for this adventure.
8/30 c84 30Engineer4Ever
Hot damn, that was an epic fight and the ending of the chapter left me with the warm and fuzzies. Going to read to the end.
8/18 c88 Ectric
I am both sad and very happy to see the completion of this story. Thank you for all the time you spent on this story to provide us the best experience you could. Happy trails author.
8/17 c45 twerp22
at the beginning of the story I was really looking forward to it. now half way through I'm more and more disappointed in it. Now I'm just trying to hurry up and finish it like ripping of a band-aid.
And the biggest reason is that kotoamasukami can only be used once every 10 years and in this fanfic it seems like he can use it every 12 hours. However her ability seems it could hold 3 charges and it takes 2 Months for it to recharge when it isn't as good
8/17 c88 1thisisforpie
Excellent story. Gripping from start to finish. Especially impressive given English was not the author's first language.
8/17 c88 Petrox
This chapter was nice. The bromance of the two feels on point and nice. I also like that this wasn't an easy talk no jutsu that could erase decades of imprisonment. Countries can make peace after war because the generation that were at war dies and the hate is slowly forgotten in the next generation. Immortal beings don't have that luxury though. They may forgive, but never forget.
8/16 c88 1lannon27
I'm both happy and sad to see it finished. I loved reading every second of this story and while it's sad to see it end, I'm glad that it got an ending that it deserved. Thank you for all the work you put into this story and for all the joy that it has brought.
8/16 c88 2DannyPhantom619
8/5 c87 Cat Beats
Honestly the Ame nin ready do have the saddest story out of almost everyone in Naruto. The cynical part of me thinks it’s unfortunate that someone like Naruto can run around and change the world because of his positive attitude while people like Konan and Nagato must be forced to see the error of their justified ways. Now I’m not agreeing with mass genocide or anything abhorrent like that, but it’s tough to look at the same orphans and say, “man why do you hate the world so much?” I think I’d have been fine if Naruto ended after the Pein fight, I don’t really think Obito or Madara has as gripping a story.
8/4 c87 Maryam Clarus
thank you so much for this! damn I love this! the romance was definitely not expected but I guess I wasnt surprised nor was I disapproving of the pairing because they make sense. So, Im really happy how the story ended and proud of you for finishing this even when you have a life to live outside for fanficthank you again and stay safe! see you around!
8/1 c63 1AvidReader2425
This really is a fantastic story, and just getting back to it again after getting a bit distracted due to life and the Internet lol. So I think I’m going to restart from the beginning and continue on all the way to the end, looking at the most recent chapter, seems like this is nearing completion as well. I rather hope for a happy ending.
7/25 c86 Cat Beats
Kakashi did canonically kick the shit out of Obito and crush some rocks with his unyielding bones so that checks out. God I forgot about Boruto glossing over that, I normally focus on Sasuke being weak as hell and Orochimaru (baby kidnapper and experimenter) having a free pass despite being ninja Mengele. I think you e done a great job with this story and look forward to whatever you’ve got next (it’s ok if you need a break after this one lol).
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