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for Don't Go Gently Into That Good Night (Because We Won't Let You)

4/28/2019 c8 114ninjadevil2000
That was reallly great! my favorite was the one with Scotty but they wee all good! Thanks for writing it and making me smile
5/30/2017 c8 hanabatake
Thanks for the story, it was lovely and got me quite emotional at some points. But i still wonder how Côme no one have explorer thé possibility of his body reacting to khan's blood be it rejecting it or accuiring some khan's abilities. It would be nice if you wrote something about that (sorry for my english i'm still learning and have no corrector as i am typing could not even log to my account)
5/7/2017 c5 10royalpinkdogs

There are so many small typos, misspellings, grammar goofs, incorrect words in the chapters that you have to stop, re-read the passage and then try again, which makes reading this more difficult.

I realize you've marked this as complete, but I would be more than happy to "Beta" you on your next effort. I'm a retired high school biology/chemistry teacher who's been Beta to several authors on FanFic, and I'd be more than happy to help you.
5/7/2017 c1 Vana Valie
Hey! now this was a great story! mccoy was described so well. and our beloved captain, indeed he is a superhero!i really liked it, to "see" bones in every chapter as a constant next to Jim. you did a very good job in characterising the good crumpy doctorThe chapter with sulu also impressed me. He is some kind of disregarded side-character for me... To read about his feelings was very interesting. do you think about writing a recovery-sequel? with all these well-established characters, ...this would be great fun!thank you very much for writing this great fanfic.
2/4/2017 c6 wyranah-ST2009
Hi! I simply love every chapter, every personal point of view of each of the members and their friendship with Jim Kirk or his captain in Into Darkness after giving his life, to save his friends.
Thank! for this precious fic, I'm really looking forward to the new chapters.
1/19/2017 c2 Hello
Oh yeah, it should be chute not shoot when referring to Sulu's drill story. That was the third.
1/19/2017 c5 Hello
Awww, sweet little Chekov... I am planning my own series sort of like this.
1/19/2017 c2 Hello
Ok, sorry, but three little nitpicks. One, Chekov is Chekov not Checkov. Two, according to Memory Alpha, the Star Trek wikia, Sulu's husband's name is Ben. And Three, shoot, I can't remember what three was. Other than that, this is amazing!
1/20/2017 c5 7browneyedgirl29
Okay, I'm dying of adorables. Yes, this was awesome! Hope to see another chapter soon!
9/15/2016 c4 browneyedgirl29
Oh gosh. This was a good chapter. I always wondered if Scotty would feel a bit of guilt for what happened, being the member of the crew that was closest when Jim went in to save the ship. And asking about his face? Jim SO would.
Can't wait for the next chapter. Pretty sure we'll all miss Anton, too, when we read it.
9/12/2016 c4 Troy08
Hey, I loved this one...Scotty is one of my fav characters...enjoying this story very much.
9/12/2016 c4 8primara
haha, scotty and keenser?

it's a good story, i love this
9/6/2016 c3 Troy08
Love carol and Jim together...I thought they were perfect for each other...enjoyed this chapter...hope to read more.
9/5/2016 c2 4systemman
You used the word 'shoot' instead of 'chute' as in parachute. Other than that this was pretty good!
9/5/2016 c3 9HeartofFyrwinde
Great! They seem like the sort to poke fun at each other and make each other smile. Glad she departed Jim's company smiling.
Anyway, definitely give them as a couple a try in the future; even in the Prime Timeline they were still close even after their breakup, and I want to stay optimistic about them in this new one. Maybe conceiving their son brings them closer together, rather than driving them apart, but forces them to cope with a long-distance relationship for a time. Something to think about. Cheers!
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