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2/22/2020 c2 Guest
Please update!
5/13/2018 c2 21carlaivy
Please, please update. It's a really good story plot and I want to find out more about Sakura and Naruto's past relationship, and what will happen to them in the future.

Very good~
1/13/2018 c2 RoyalsSxS
I absolutely LOVE how this story is going! Your way of writing is amazing and it really sets the mood. Im usually a SasuSaku shipper but for this story... I really really REALLY hope she ends up with Naruto. They just seem perfect for each other.
Can't wait for the next update!
12/23/2017 c1 Killercat3
please update soon
12/11/2017 c2 Im in here
I'm really hoping you update soon! I love Sakura and Naruto's friendship, and possibly if they do get involved romantically. I can already see Itachi and Sasuke giving Sakura such a headache lol. Wonder how their meetings will go and how the brothers conduct themselves.
10/29/2017 c2 pip176
I really enjoyed these chapters so far and can’t wait for the next ones! Please continue with this story! I feel like I was sucked into a new wonderful world!
10/21/2017 c2 115ko-chan-the-blueberry-donut
This is very well written! I'm really shipping the NaruSaku in this
9/28/2017 c2 29NineStoicCrayolas
omgggg I love this AU! I hope that we find out who Sakura loves :)
8/2/2017 c2 3DevilToBeLoved
This is honestly so endearing and cute. I look forward to reading more!
7/4/2017 c2 1BOSS02109
i really like this
6/30/2017 c2 RockyVesta
Love is a word that has never fallen short of anything, but upon reading your story, 'love' seems insufficient to define what I feel about it. I can't find any better word, but if there is, then that's exactly how I feel. I once fell in love with a story on this site roughly a decade ago, but the author disappeared and left the story hanging. I hope you will continue this to the very end, because the start is insanely amazing. Just what I've been looking for, best AU in so many years..
6/27/2017 c2 18tiny.sakura
I'm so I love with this. PLEASE update soon!
6/25/2017 c2 Guest
Heck yeah update! Awesome by the way
6/24/2017 c1 Guest
'Fiery red hair and mesmerizing green eyes.'

Err isn't Mebuki, Sakura's mother has blonde hair?
6/26/2017 c2 sasusakulovesarada
I love and sakura meeting when they were children was soo cute i love it.i love naruto in this story and how he is with itachi tch i dont like how he treat sakura and sasuke omg cant wait to see him talk with sakura and then thet fall in love (sasusaku shipper hhh)soooo i cant wait to read next part sooooo updatttee sooooonn .
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