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7/25 c63 ahoj
Omg I just found out about the new chapter, dropped everything and read. And by the end, I got goosebumps. So beautiful! I'm glad you've not given up on this yet. I hope you're okay.
4/25 c63 Guest
Every chapter is so believable. you really get into Remus head which is hard to do in my opinion
4/19 c63 Evangeline Dartmouth
I can't decide which scene I enjoyed the most. You always capture Dumbledore so well- I loved the imagery of him staring at Arianna's painting. And the Tonks scene was lovely. I could feel his relief upon seeing her, how much he loves her- beautiful
1/12 c62 Guest
1/12 c62 3Teddy Lupin's partner in crime
It's great to have you back! As always an AMAZING update. I can't get over how canon this story is. It's like it just slides right into the books
1/11 c62 Guest
I've neglected 2 important essays to binge read this fic... let me tell you I am OBSESSED. Seriously one of the best Remus centric fics I've ever ever EVER read. I can't believe it's almost over, only 13 chapters left? Ahhhhhhh
1/11 c62 ahoj
Aaah you're back! It feels like a late Christmas miracle :D Do you think you'll have more updates coming in the next weeks? I don't want to pressure you. You see, I'm still here and still in, after all this time (aLwAyS). I'll stick around.

I love the chapters in which Remus experiences love. And I expected to offer Harry to call im Remus by the end, tbh. I need more Harry-Remus-time. And Tonks ffs :D

Lots of love to you, all the best for 2022!
1/10 c62 Evangeline Dartmouth
This was amazing. There were so many small but incredible details you included that I never would’ve thought of- Molly left Percy’s room empty (never noticed that before), Remus’ reasons for trusting Snape (knowing what it’s like to be not trusted in the order himself), his reasons for never letting himself get close to Harry (realistic but awfully sad). Hard to pick a favorite part but if I had to, it would be the ending- love the stories Remus told there. Elvendork- hah. Anyway welcome back and happy new year
12/5/2021 c61 ahoj
Hi, just popping in to say hi and leave a little love and wish you a wonderful Christmas time. I hope you're doing alright!
8/8/2020 c61 Guest
continue! this is probably the best tonks/lupin story I've read so far! And I've read a lot of them!
8/8/2020 c56 Guest
8/8/2020 c61 Guest
7/26/2020 c61 2Umblanys
I like this story a lot and the most exciting part is still ahead. It's impressive how you're about to complete such a big project. Good luck!
6/17/2020 c61 sanityisaminordetail
I really loved this chapter! A different, new side of Remus!
5/21/2020 c61 48megSUPERFAN
This was fascinating! I loved getting to know this pack (and a little more about werewolves in general). I love that Remus has been doing a wandless "Incendio" since he was eight. This chapter is full of all the bittersweet emotions- Great work! I can't wait for Christmas at the Burrow!
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