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10/25/2023 c4 Guest
Ok who the hell is James Franco?
6/29/2023 c31 saintfudge
Great story thanks for sharing have fun
6/27/2023 c31 Guest
This was a great story. I loved bad ass Edward abd non-pushover Bella. Thanks for sharing!
5/3/2023 c30 Allear
Thank you, great story!
2/17/2023 c31 Toni Masen
Great story, loved the little twists along the way. :-)
4/28/2022 c27 blb1000
Charlie has impeccable timing.
4/9/2022 c31 Patriciadiane
Perfect ending
4/9/2022 c30 Patriciadiane
Glad Alice is okay, crazy how guilty Edward feels, wonder what that proposal will look like.
4/9/2022 c29 Patriciadiane
I knew they would find her. How did they know they were all comng?
4/9/2022 c28 Patriciadiane
Really, Laurie. Can't trust anyone, can you? Money is the root of all evil, isn't it?
Moving in that dress ought to be interesting.
4/9/2022 c27 Patriciadiane
Loving this adventure but am still on pins and needles. As it is completed I am looking at the chapter numbers and trying to figure out where, when, who and how.

Daddy C busted in and ruined a great time.
4/9/2022 c26 Patriciadiane
Whirlwind chapter but I loved it for sure. I was shocked but excited that he was there and the whole blocking the numbers to his boss and the prescient is crazy. So is Aro Marcus or is Marcus Aro? Aro is Alice's dad and he is a bad guy. Whirling thoughts in my brain
4/9/2022 c25 Patriciadiane
I'm glad the read Edward is the great guy I thought he would be. Counting down until the bad guys go to jail, the good guys win, Alice and Jasper get together maybe...
4/9/2022 c24 Patriciadiane
Really, did you just do that to all of us? What about Alice? Is her dad a good guy or involved in the bad stuff? Gotta go to the next chapter and finish this up or I will get nothing done today.
4/9/2022 c23 Patriciadiane
Bella's parents are a mess, Edward's homelife not much better or would it be worse. His young life was influenced by a kind heart. I am worried about Alice and the crazy guy. Curious about how Japer will interact with Edward.
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