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4/27/2019 c1 1ErisFootWorshipper
Really interesting I hope you continue this
5/24/2017 c1 xbox432
Heh, I can't wait to see Hideki's reaction when Kazuma tells him about how he died... and I'm curious as to how/whether his opinion of Aqua will change when he hears how she treated his friend?

Thanks for this story, there are woefully few Konosuba stories worth reading, and yours definitely makes the cut. :D
11/30/2016 c1 ARSLOTHES
Really interesting, hope to see it updated again soon
11/24/2016 c1 An Old Crow
Please make more, I was quite sad to see that another chapter had yet to be posted.
10/24/2016 c1 3J. Gentleman
If you hate the circumstances of Kazuma's death so much (just like me), you could always subscribe to the theory of Lying Aqua: since she's capable of lying (e.g. "goddesses don't go to the bathroom," etc.), she contrives her own story about Kazuma's death to guarantee that he chooses reincarnation. And she might have been doing that for all who died before. For all we know, Kazuma might have actually saved a girl from a truck, and that girl might actually be going through a hell of survivor's guilt everyday.
10/11/2016 c1 Jenner380
Pretty good.
9/18/2016 c1 Guest
Can't wait for the next chapter this is an interesting idea and hahaha I learned of konosuba from noble as well
9/5/2016 c1 FatMIRVman
This seems to be like it'll be alot of fun to read I look forward to the next update. I also quite possibly found Hideki's theme song, sabaton's song Metal Machine because I was at just the right point in the song for him too come out a badass and nobel sacrificing hero.
9/3/2016 c1 32Anime PJ
Well, my good man, I quite like what you've got here. Changing the death up was a good call; I know it was supposed to be funny in canon, but seriously, it just came off as really stupid. I'm having fun picturing the look on Aqua's face when her attempt at getting pity from Hideki fails spectacularly, that should be a laugh. Not really much else to comment on seeing how it's basically just the setup chapter, but I'm definitely enjoying myself so far.

Can't wait for the next one!

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