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for The Art of Immortality

8/23/2020 c1 vampireacademygr
Ah man, I'm rereading this story and I didn't think I would cry yet I am. This is so sad and sweet and beautiful. I had to log out to comment again, this story is just so great. Amazing job
4/18/2020 c1 6pinkskyplanet
I'm crying. And I never cry at stories. This is gorgeous.
3/22/2020 c1 4shabbyboi
Oh. That last part went straight through my heart, and now I'm typing this with tears in my eyes, and I barely ever cry, and now I'm rambling, and wow. I'm aware this review is a few years late, but I have to let you know that this was a beautiful and powerful emotional release.
5/20/2019 c1 21SolarFlare579
10/3/2018 c1 Lizzielestrange
I doubted I would cry.
I read the first sentence.
I believed I would cry.
I read the first two deaths.
I knew I would cry.
I read Clarisse's death.
I cried.
I read the last three deaths.
Like hell, I cried.
9/19/2018 c1 11The-Red-Lip
Aww. This was oddly beautiful. Good job writing it.
I really enjoyed the read.
3/15/2018 c1 Jojo
The curse of immortality
6/15/2017 c1 Guest
This is one of the most emotional stories I have ever read. It is simply a master piece.
2/12/2017 c1 15vampireacademygirls
Oh wow. I'm crying because that was so heart wrenching and wonderfully written. Absolutely beautiful.
1/24/2017 c1 12TheWritingManiac
I literally can barely see my keyboard because I'm crying. And I VERY rarely cry for super sad movies, let alone fanfic. This was so, so beautiful and just. Wow. Gorgeous job writing and characterizing and thank you for making me cry because I needed this.
10/28/2016 c1 84wisegirlgeek
That was so beautiful. I'm a serious angst fan and this is one of the tops. Thank you so, so much.
10/22/2016 c1 6IWishUCouldGoAway
10/12/2016 c1 1Riptide333
I have never cried so hard. This is what fanfictions should be.
9/17/2016 c1 AsylumEscapee368
This is so beautiful Cried so hard...
Can't believe it... It's so beautiful
9/15/2016 c1 30BornAsTheSeventhMonthDies
I'm seriously gonna cry. Every time I read this I want to cry. I hate you and love you for doing this to me. It's beautiful. I pretty much based my story Looking Back on this, but I didn't RIP MY READER'S HEARTS OUT doing it...



This is awesome. It's amazing. It's deserving of Uncle Rick himself, seriously. I'm literally tearing up, just from when I'm glancing up at the story as I write this.
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