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10/18/2016 c8 Razorback 234
Well, here's the standoff between Fear and Alternato. Who will win, no one can tell because the chapter isn't up yet, but I can't wait for it. Doing great, happy writing! Looking forward to an enormous fight :)
10/19/2016 c8 1Tripledent
What a cliffhanger indeed! Has Fear got ANYTHING on his side in this? And if he defeats Alternato, will the other emotions automatically switch back or is there more to do?

"It had been five minutes and Fear had only moved a meter or so." Yeah, that's what you would expect.
10/18/2016 c8 31iHateFridays
Hey! Thanks for helping with the chapter! With my... pro-writing skills XD. Let's see if Fear can take on Alty! (I'm calling him that now)

10/18/2016 c1 6lordhaxsupreme
Great Chapter! This is such a fantastic story. I can't wait for the next one!
10/17/2016 c8 5Orangebird124
OMG! I've been waiting for this chapter for so long and Fear entered the Subconscious even though he was scared! This is it, Fear! You finally found Alternato and you need to build the courage up! It's time to stop being scared and defeat Alternato for once! You can do it, Fear! Don't let him curse you like he did to the others! Do it for Riley and your coworkers! Go, go, go! I'm guessing that it was ponystoriesandothers who wrote this chapter, am I right? Well, in that case, I can't wait for the next chapter and I want to see Fear building up the courage and defeating Alternato! I got the popcorn ready! *starts munching onto the popcorn*
10/17/2016 c8 11Jokermask18
10/9/2016 c7 Razorback 234
Nah, you are very evil, diabolical indeed. Nice, short, and...sweet? Nope, Fear has gone over the top and sounds like he's about to pass out. And the forgetters seemed to have 'forgotten' what Alternato looked like...which is probably why they're called the forgetters...doing great as always! Awesome chapter :)
10/10/2016 c7 5Orangebird124
Yes! It's Alternato! I knew it! I knew it the whole time and Fear finally figured it out! Yes, he is Riley's protector and he'll do anything to keep her and his coworkers safe from danger. I wonder if he's going to challenge against Alternato in the next chapter? Well, in that case, I can't wait for the next chapter and that was a great cliffhanger! Also, I'm very glad that you're okay after Hurricane Matthew. :)
10/10/2016 c7 1TheSparrowandtheHalk
They just turned power on at my place. how were you doing during the storm
10/10/2016 c7 31iHateFridays
ALTERNATO! Dun dun dun! Fear has finally figured out the answer, now he needs to go right up to that badie and take him down! With my "pro-writing skills", of course. Awesome job, by the way!

10/9/2016 c7 1Tripledent
I hope Fear is able to come up with some ideas now that he knows who it is. Perhaps he'll run into him outside the Subconscious at one point?

I wonder how Riley is going at the moment, she's currently fearless but still has the other emotions trying to navigate through the mess of a day. Maybe she's just resting after her upset stomach.

I'm glad to hear you're OK, you've shown a real love of Inside Out in updating this story for us despite what you've had to deal with recently.
10/9/2016 c7 6lordhaxsupreme
Brilliant Holly! The story just gets weirder and weirder, but I think I can handle it. Its gonna be alright for Fear and the others I can just feel it.
As for you, how bad was the hurricane? I wouldn't really know 'cause I live in Britain and we never really get them so often (come to think of it, I don't think we ever have). I hope that nobody you know got hurt.
10/9/2016 c7 11Jokermask18
Glad you're okay. Good twist on the villain being from a movie.
10/4/2016 c6 Razorback 234
Now's the good stuff! Fear must stand his ground to save the day. The Force has taken his reinforcements away from him. Two words: Awesome Sauce! (Yeah, seriously just said that, even though it's barely used anymore...)
10/6/2016 c6 1Tripledent
Well, I didn't know Alternato had something like that in his bag of tricks. He definitely seems like a powerful opponent, yikes!

If Fear is very fearful, and he decides to go through with this for Riley, does that mean he has the most bravery out of anyone? ("Whoa, way out concept man!" Delight would say).

Wonder what the deal will be eventually with the guards at the entrance to the Subconscious. Will they be accepting of their apparent past ineptitude?
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