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for Opposites Attract

10/5/2016 c6 31iHateFridays
Will I ever stop reviewing this? Anyway, that was good! Thanks for the little edits! Let's see what on Earth is going to happen next!

10/4/2016 c6 5Orangebird124
Whoa! Another chapter already? Well, in that case, I was looking forward to it anyway! I was excited when Delight and Joy/Sadness were about to come with Fear after believing in him and I didn't see it coming when they can't get out of Headquarters due to the curse. I believe that Fear is able to handle this alone, find out about Alternato and defeat him for once! Come on, Fear! You just got to have all of that courage inside of you! Be brave and defeat Alternato if you want to save Riley and your friends! As always, looking forward to the next chapter! Cheerio!
10/3/2016 c5 2LilacPetals21
Yes! Finally Delight is believing Fear. Looking forward to the next chapter. :)
9/28/2016 c5 Razorback 234
Mm...took Delight long enough. Way to go Disgust, at least you came through. Joy, the once all powerful great leader who didn't see anything as being wrong. Great job as always, keep it up :)
9/30/2016 c5 1Tripledent
If I was Fear I would might have been like "Hey, Delight, gentle on the antenna!"

Just like when she's Disgust, Delight is a nice girl inside. Pretty awesome of her to come to a decision based on the evidence around her, rather than who she feels like at the moment.

I wonder how accepting Calm and 'Joy' are going to be of what Fear knows happened, it's 3 to 2 now.
9/28/2016 c5 11Jokermask18
9/28/2016 c5 5Orangebird124
Yes! Delight/Disgust is finally believing in Fear about what's happening to her and the others! This story is going great! I loved the way how you and ponystoriesandothers are writing this together! It's seriously becoming a big success along with your other stories as well! I'm extremely proud of you! I can't wait for the next chapter and most of all, I cannot wait for Fear to battle against Alternato and save his friends! Keep it up and don't stop now! Go, go, go! :)
9/28/2016 c5 31iHateFridays
That was a pretty cool chapter! I'm glad Delight is finally understanding! Now let's get the rest of them on board.

9/28/2016 c4 2LilacPetals21
Oh no Riley, what on earth were you thinking? Reasoning with a bully like her? Where's Anger when we need him? Oh wait, he's not Anger anymore! XD
Great job with the new chapter :)
9/26/2016 c4 1Tripledent
Those mind manuals, without them the emotions would never be able to get out of the mess they're in. Really, is there any scenario they wouldn't be able to provide some insight into?

Love how that story element from an earlier chapter came back, nice writing!

If Mrs. Andersen asks Riley why she ate something so disgusting, and Riley explains that she didn't see any reason not to... what is everyone around her going to think?
9/23/2016 c4 Razorback 234
What a neat chapter. Calm peaceful conversations always tend to lean a bit when one of the talkers has a conflict with the other. Keep up the great work :)
9/24/2016 c4 11Jokermask18
Nice! Hope you continue.
9/22/2016 c3 Razorback 234
To answer Swan-Masen-Whitlock's review, I believe the opposite of Fear is Courage. That just my personal thought though.
9/24/2016 c4 31iHateFridays
Hey man! I'm reviewing this on my phone cause why not.. I really need to stop this ha. Anyway, nice job on the edits! They make the chapter better. See you later for more awkwardness!

9/23/2016 c4 5Orangebird124
Oh my God! Tessa, you do NOT ever punch Riley in the stomach! Because of you, she threw up! I'll have to say, another great chapter, but I felt bad for Riley when she puked after eating those disgusting chips. At least Joy/Sadness was able to find the answer to see who cursed them except Fear. A cliffhanger? Oh, come on! I can't wait that long, I wanna see what happens next! (Joy: Come on, Orangebird124! I'm sure you can wait for another chapter. Besides, you love this story!) Oh, yeah, you're right. Thanks, Joy! Anyway, looking forward to the next update!
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