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for Naruto: Megatron's Resurgence

1/1/2017 c3 Guest
I pick grimlock
12/29/2016 c2 Guyver333
Just like Megatron in every way via him teaching others to fear him by beating them like Starscream
11/15/2016 c3 Guest
I pick grimlock
10/17/2016 c3 conantruth
I love this story and can't wait for the next chapter to come out.
10/14/2016 c3 Kain129
hi im really liking this story hope i will see more soon
9/25/2016 c3 17duskrider
Intresting adding in Kin to both the harem and the soon to be formed decepticons.
I think Isaribi would be an intresting addition to atleast the decepticons considering she was used by a mad scientist and will likely follow those that free her. Also her ablity to transform between human and fish-like forms would intrest megatron considering he was a transformer in his past life.
9/22/2016 c3 Wow
This story is awesome.
9/24/2016 c1 Allhailthesith
Awesome my favorite megatron
9/23/2016 c3 Kamencolin
Keep up the good work
9/23/2016 c3 Garo69
Yes to Tayuya! Hinata being in the harem will only work if you have Megatron turn her into RtN-Hinata. Megatron is defiantly not the type a guy that'll like canon Hinata.

Megatron should seriously recreate some sort of power armour to wear, throughthe use of his Creation of All Things technique. Having Megatron fight and dress like ninja (sandals and all) feels insulting somehow.
9/20/2016 c1 guest reader
i agree though i prefer frank welker's megatron voice better i must amit that i do like the unicron trilogy megatron/galvatron as well
9/22/2016 c3 StrongGuy159
Cool 3 chapters continue please.
9/22/2016 c2 genesicgaogaigarvsgodgundam
nice job
9/22/2016 c3 3cryo threshold
Here are some interesting dinosaurs that you could use: Spinosaurus, Kentrosaurus, Quetzalcoatlus, and Mosasaur
9/22/2016 c3 Neo Infinity
Great story I have read all three chapters and I definitely liked and enjoyed it, it's definitely boring to keep read canon naruto story especially if his personality developed slowly but in this story you removed him and put someone much better, harem will be kinda easy cause megatron is gray with multiple talents so no romantic dates or boring drama, I REALLY REALLY want and hope that you add Tenten and Samui (favorite girls) to the harem cause there's very few stories with both of them in the pairing and I'm sick and tired of the rookie nine girls who are fangirls with average abilities while kunoichis like Tenten and Samui train regularly in needed abilities like ninjutsu fuinjutsu kenjutsu and others, I liked kin being the first girl she is sadly very rare pairing girl due to being a dead minor character and if possible I vote for tsunade and shizune cause megatron yin yang affinity will help her regain her youth which will allow her to use ninjutsu and genjutsu which she can't cause of her very advanced permanent genjutsu along that he can create yin yang money to clear her debts in exchange for loyalty or something while shizune will be interested in him after seeing his good part personality and how he treats his girls along the fact that traveling with tsunade makes it impossible to have a romantic relationship, I'm definitely looking forward to next chapter please update soon.
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