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10/17/2019 c21 Chinchinberry
This story was so great I could hardly stop to finally go to sleep! I love your style of writing and story telling and been crying over the ending the past 5 minutesI also really liked how you characterised the Count, Herbert and Alfred. For me, it was the most accurate and fitting representation I’ve read in fan fictions!
I wished Herberts and Alfreds romance wouldn’t be private in the end but well...even without it their relationship is so precious in your story!
5/27/2018 c21 1camierose
love it
11/14/2017 c21 12ghostwritten2
A sweet and sad ending to a wonderful story. I really enjoyed this. Thank you for writing it.
1/30/2017 c21 4Lucie-26
I'm really sad, that it's over :( But congratulations to that great, great story! I'll follow your next story, too, cause you are a fantastic writer! Like others have suggested, I'd love some outtake scene :)) for this story, mustn't be an Alfred-Herbert scene, but maybe some family scene, including Magda and Sarah... ;)
1/16/2017 c21 3operasrose
Oh gosh I'm crying now, that's the most bittersweet ending possible. It warms my heart and yet... I'm so glad you saw this fic all the way to the end and didn't leave it unfinished. It's a beautiful thing and I enjoyed reading every wordAre you planning on writing more Tanz fics?
1/14/2017 c21 Superkassu
A sweet ending to a sweet story. Is there any possibility of spinoff one-shots or something?I'd love to have more of this story. Every week I waited for an update, I'm sure I'll reread this story multiple times in the future. :)
1/5/2017 c18 4Lucie-26
First, happy new year for you. You have great cliffhangers in your story :) . I've waited for the confrontation with the professor the whole time, but I didn't imagine it would happen, when the count is away from home. So I'm waiting really eagerly what will happen. I enjoyed the first part of the chap, with the "family life" and I had a good laugh, when Alfred decided for the bagpipes. Isn't he english? So maybe it is kind of familiar for him.
12/30/2016 c18 3operasrose
Aww such a cute and fluffy and angst-laden update! Family!Krolock... my heart... such a beautiful undead family <3 And good God, what a cliffhanger! Alfred bby, go fetch Herbert quickly!
12/29/2016 c17 operasrose
Ahhhh I love this so much! I read the whole thing today and I'm emotional. So far this has been an emotional rollercoaster but the most fun emotional rollercoaster I've ever had the privilege to read. I mean, you keep the plot spellbinding and so interesting and well paced throughout the whole thing and I love your interpretations of the characters. Like the exact way you write gay! Alfred. I've noticed that a lot of fanfiction writers tend to write a homosexual Alfred either completely ooc or give reasons for his actions in the show which don't add up with the way cannon!Alfred is written. Your take on a gay Alfred is hands down the best, most well written with reasoning which matches the show Alfred I've ever read and my feelings. I can't. I am emotional. And Herbert! You've got too many killer lines which are the some of the most Herbert things I've ever read that I can't. Your Herbie is so adorable and fabulous and wonderful and I am even more emotional everytime he speaks, or does anything for that matter. And I am 100% here for an adorable, vampire Krolock family. I audibly awwed too many times to name. I love a cynical, trolling Krolock don't get me wrong, but a loving Krolock is just awww :3 Basically this is officially now one of my all time favorite Tanz fan fics and I eagerly await the next update :D
12/24/2016 c16 4Lucie-26
Thank you so much for the new chapters. I absolutely like the turns the story has taken. First I thought poor Alfred would come out of this kidnapping as a lunatic or as a very mature grown up. But as he said, he even had worse places to sleep and so he had his difficult and sad past, so he is very strong. I like his slip of calling the count "father". It's just a little scene but it is actually touching (my opinion). And of course, Herbert's destruction of the library and its (maybe) aftermath bring some good humour into the situation (although I could understand every punishment the count will give him). Looking forward to the next chapters and I wish you a merry christmas!
12/10/2016 c14 Superkassu
You have absolutely the meanest cliffhangers! I don't know how I can manage until the next update.
I have a feeling that Prince Radu is screwed. Herbert will totally slaughter him I hope. Radu deserves that after hurting Alfred.
12/4/2016 c13 Lucie-26
I'm quite sorry for not reviewing the last chapters. Well, I really, really love the story. And you have great cliffhangers ;) Really mean ones. I like it, when Alfred gets some caring or even the hug from the count, so he gains some self-confidence. And I liked it, when he told the count all about the poorhouse, so it is easier to understand why he ist so dependent and thankful after all to the professor. Hopefully he resolves his misunderstandings with Herbert soon. Just one question to the chronology of the the last two chapters: did all of this - fight with Charlotte, return to the castle, Magda, lessons and questioning Charlotte - happen in one night? Or was a break in between this? Looking very much forward to the next chapters!
11/20/2016 c11 Superkassu
That is way too mean to leave us with such a cliffhanger! I have nothing but love for this story. :) You'd better update soon.
11/12/2016 c10 Lucie-26
I just discovered your story! It's really great, I love it. Was it really meant just to be a oneshot? I can't wait for you to continue... it's always between excitement and kind of fluffiness. I really hope to meet the professor once more, so the Krolocks can give him a piece of mind... or whatever. You're doing so great, looking forward for the next chap.
10/2/2016 c5 HGP
Ooooh! This is getting exciting!
Why can't Alfred be turned?! Please update soon!
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