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2/16/2018 c11 10mamadillo
Intriguing observations. Interesting challenge.
1/12/2018 c11 jclementine
Thank you for another wonderful story!
1/12/2018 c11 Dancer
Back home where he belongs, many thanks for sharing
1/11/2018 c11 Guest
This is really great!
1/11/2018 c11 9yourjodeanfaceblog
Ohhhh I love this. More please!
8/29/2017 c10 6savedher
Obviously, I love the Jean & Lucien stories, but you're making me rethink or at least appreciate some of the more minor characters. Nice work!
7/22/2017 c10 Dancer
Great stories
7/22/2017 c10 47Crinklybrownleaves
If only he knew! I'm so glad you found inspiration to get this series going again, and this is really interesting, and well written.
7/22/2017 c10 154NancyMay
Gosh, I'd almost forgotten about Jan, thanks for reminding me of him. I do remember the episode though. I nice little bit of the story that could have been fitted into the show, and would have rounded everything off nicely. Nice to see an update to this stream.
4/12/2017 c1 3Mountainana
I live in the US and am relatively new to Dr. Blake Mysteries. I just discovered that the first 3 seasons are on Netflix, so I'm starting from the beginning. It"s hard not to binge watch and I 'm trying to watch only one or two a day. All this is to say that I'm reading your stories, one at a time, after I finish watching the corresponing episode. It has been such fun! But what will I do after episode 7?
2/27/2017 c9 154NancyMay
Ooh, lovely, two chapters at once! Love the Elegy. I can see this being Blake's inner turmoil and sometimes his tentative hold on sanity comes through. This chapter is lovely, I love the back story for Matthew, I've always felt he's a bit of a lonely soul, which is why I took inspiration from some suggestions on 'facecloth' as it's known in our house, about Jean possibly matchmaking with him and Alice. I'd like him to be a bit happier. Fab work, look forward to more, very much so.
2/26/2017 c9 6HikerLady
Wow. I thought I was reading an actual history lesson (this was much more enjoyable of course). You must have spent a lot of time researching.
2/26/2017 c8 HikerLady
I was so happy to see you had added another chapter! This was lovely. Oriel was one of my favorite guest characters on the entire show. I think it is because we had a foster kitten with the same wild eyes, and because I could see the sweetness of the kitten in Oriel.

I love the way you write. On to the next one. :o)
10/18/2016 c7 10miss.ouiser
Wonderful. I'm really enjoying these - please continue!
10/11/2016 c7 154NancyMay
I love this story, I loved the episode too. I have been involved with a local drama group, although not for some years, politics forced me out, but one thing I smiled at in the original was the inappropriate casting of Susan Tyneman as 'Gwendoline' I think the character is. Jean, while of around the same age, though maybe a little younger could have got away with it, but Susan has a more mature physique and I would never have believed it. So well done for this. Or should I say 'bravo!'
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