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for Fate DxD (Discontinued)

11/29/2020 c16 SolovarKing1920
Please don't delete this story?
11/28/2020 c16 Random Guest
I wish it'd stay up. I kept it bookmarked for a long time.
11/28/2020 c16 Omega Porunga
I wish you would keep this up. I'm looking forward to the rewrite, but I liked this story too. It was interesting!
11/28/2020 c16 Killroy122496
I actually enjoy this and do look forward to the rewrite but was just wondering if you keep this one up please since it's still interesting to read except by the end of the day it's your choice on the matter.
11/24/2020 c16 10XenoBlaze
Man! I honestly like THIS version. But I understand you taking it down.
I happened to find this story because of an alert I got from one of your other fics.
I was hooked after the first chapter and binged it since yesterday.
I hope that your rewrite will deliver the same enjoyment I got from this version. I just hope the characters stay the same.
Also, your antagonist to your main OC? Figured out who it was and even though I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS, nice job.
11/23/2020 c5 XenoBlaze
This version may have been discontinued, but I enjoy it all the same.
I hope the Rewrite version brings the same amount of entertainment this one does.
Not to mention you picked some of my favorite Servants for this fic.
11/22/2020 c16 Guest
Please don't delete this just post your new ones but left this one intact
11/20/2020 c14 SKS
You can write about hs dxd and to love dxd x sekirei etc.
11/22/2020 c7 XenoLucifer
Don't get it twisted, your portrayal of Gilgamesh is entirely wrong. You say he wanted to take over his body to rule the world once more? perhaps you've forgotten that the Grail summons heroes? despite his arrogance Gilgamesh is considered the King of Heroes and is not an entirely bad person, you must've forgotten that during the time between fate/zero and Unlimited Blade Works he never tried to take over the world despite being freed from his chains and if you want to use that depiction of Gilgamesh as an example of him being evil I have a clear counter argument. And that's how Gilgamesh existed at that moment, his very existence and personality is decided by which era he lives in and how humanity is, humanity was evil, arrogant, prideful and selfish so he took on those qualities.

As he exists within the card he would no doubt still retain the pieces of his personality that makes him him, which is his arrogance, prideful nature but also kindness, many forget he ruled the world and fought the gods for his friend. Humanities corruption wouldn't affect him and the only human that would truly connect with him would be Ren, someone we can say is heroic, kind and pure for a human so it would only be natural if Gilgamesh's personality leaned more towards those qualities instead of what is shown during Fate.

Overall the chapter was fairly disappointing, especially with the asspull A/N at the end with your explanation for how he broke the class system being "he is Gilgamesh" and nothing else. There is also the fact that you seem to forget Gilgamesh is a demi god and if Ren used his class card he would take on those qualities as well, yet you stated he almost died vs the knight piece... your power scaling is clearly convoluted.
11/22/2020 c3 XenoLucifer
That's just not how the evil piece system works, it doesn't give downsides, it simply gives the person the body of a devil and in addition it grants them a specific power boost in one area, knights get speed, rooks get durability(durability equals strength as harder skin will result in harder punches), Bishops gains an increased amount of demonic energy, better control over it and the Queen gains all of these positives.

If you still understand or think I misunderstood you I will explain it in rpg terms, the way you explain it makes it seem like each piece is a class, if you go knight you will receive extraordinary speed in exchange for durability and so on but in actuality the evil pieces are basically just stat boosts. The knight in simple terms just adds "100" base speed(just an example) no downsides, but the Kings try to find people that fit these pieces, so they find a brawler to give a rook piece to just boost their already good melee stats or a human magician and give them the bishop piece to boost their magic pools and control. Which is why it seems like the pieces gives downsides, the people that were given the pieces just decide to focus on what they're good at and that's coincidentally what the evil piece improved about them.

If that wasn't the case and they truly did get a downside that crippled their ability to do anything but what they were given the Queens in DxD would all be melee powerhouses wielding swords running at mach 20 whilst casting every spell in the universe.
11/22/2020 c11 holyx23
11/22/2020 c16 Dasgun
11/22/2020 c15 stylo1
you are adding AN's like you are on twitter
11/21/2020 c15 1Primecore
if that thing is a Filipino I'll be embarrassed as one... if that thing is just a bitch then he's nothing but a bag of meat meant to be thrown away! I know how hard author's create content's that's why I never belittle any novels/fictions they create even if the grammar can hurt you mentally. I tried creating one and I only lasted to chapter 3, I know how many hours and brainstorming needed for such a work that's why I could wait for a month or two before complaining about update.
11/21/2020 c15 Misaka Phenex
i swear i heard that name duterte somewhere before... i though this was an update
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