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3/18/2019 c4 xenocanaan
I hope to read more soon!
2/10/2019 c4 Tsuki
hope you update soon
9/10/2018 c4 amila44
8/18/2018 c4 toey226
next please !
8/16/2018 c4 Rose Thorn Catli
Yaaaaaaas thank you! I love the gamer twist you put on your oc! Keep up the good work and I can't wait to read more!
8/9/2018 c3 Rose Thorn Catli
So um are you ever going to update this again? Please do! So far this has been very interesting and unique, I would like to read more of it! Please don't abandon it to the void! please?
5/28/2018 c3 Guest
Awesome chapter!
5/28/2018 c2 Guest
I like it!
5/28/2018 c1 Guest
Please, continue!
8/2/2017 c3 xenocanaan
I can't wait to read more!
6/15/2017 c3 Hellfire000
Yeah! Finally a new chapter :) I loved her unhappiness with the mechanics of the game status. I wonder how the priest class will work out. Shouldn't it be priestess since she is a girl? I hope you find time and inspiration to work more on this great story!
12/6/2016 c2 Bluecean
Oooh, this is getting exciting!
10/19/2016 c2 32000kate
I REALLY like this story. I don't even care if she is a bit OP. I want to see the relationship between her and the Phantomhives progresses. This is the start of a beautiful friendship. I think that her store will really lift off. I want to see where you take this story in the future. Like when will she figure out she is in Black Butler? Or, will she ever meet a demon or Shinigami? So much potential in this story!
10/14/2016 c2 Hellfire000
I just found your story and I am in love with it! I hope we get to see more interactions with the Phantomhives in the future.
9/14/2016 c1 Oneadmirer
Love your idea! Hope you continue this
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