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for Second Chance

9/23/2022 c1 Axagon99d
Lose your self in this moment
9/23/2022 c2 Axagon99d
The game has changed
9/23/2022 c3 Axagon99d
When re u resuming this story is good
9/23/2022 c4 Axagon99d
I can't even repeat my own reviews
9/23/2022 c5 Axagon99d
Thanks for the chapter keep up the good work I am waiting impatiently
9/23/2022 c6 Axagon99d
Hey when re u resuming pls xontinue
9/23/2022 c7 Axagon99d
I love ur story pls continue
9/23/2022 c8 Axagon99d
When re u resuming
9/23/2022 c9 Axagon99d
Thanks for the chapter keep up the good work
3/1/2022 c9 LawPateameLaCara
Ya quiero ver los territorios siendo protegidos simplemente por la bandera de Luffy. Increible historia wn
2/1/2021 c9 Guest
4 years later sitting on wall 10 years later sitting on the wall etc
Why’d you stop updating?
7/11/2020 c9 11Shadow22739
Awesome! Such a nice way of seeing luffy like that! Great story! Hope it still continues!
5/20/2020 c4 Nami4Life
That’s more like it ,steamrolling enemies
5/20/2020 c3 Nami4Life
Marines are scum indeed ,did shit for years about Morgan’s tyranny,but now a pirate turns up and defeats him and now they want to be good marines,always hated that scene
5/2/2019 c9 1yuzukikuran476
Man this story is going to be amazing and please update soon.
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