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for Eclipsing the Stars

8/31/2019 c5 AwesomeFangirlOtaku01
Yo wait...I just realized something. The Allspark can create life. Cybertronians can have a sparkling if they feel the bond and spark right. Sam is a female human but her DNA might be slightly altered due to the nanites so essentially she is born a human but also a cybertronian;she's basically a cybertronian but mini sized and fleshy. So wouldn't it make sensed if she can have children just like them? So maybe the connection between her and the soldier is something more... OMFG Is Sam preggers!?
8/30/2019 c3 AwesomeFangirlOtaku01
It's not your writing. Your writing is amazing! It's just that the fandom grew smaller. I noticed that too over the years
8/16/2017 c12 Glory7789
YAY! Thank you for finishing this story. I know reviews might not be as much as before but I'm glad your still writing. I honestly LOVE your transformer stories (especially shooting stars and setting suns. That one is my favorite) and am so glad you take the time to write them. I know this is really late but I still wanted to thank you for taking the time to type this story and share it with us. I'm glad your still gonna continue this series. Thank you again and I'll see you again in dawn of eternity.
6/3/2017 c1 5Tasuke Date
This entire adventure with Sam was amazing! So many emotions were going through me as I read it. You are a very gifted author and I hope you never stop writing. I look forward to reading Dawn of Eternity
5/31/2017 c12 Guest
I really love your work and i cannot wait until you post your next transformers story.
5/20/2017 c12 Tomato
Oh my goodness this series is amazing. I've been rereading it a lot because I enjoy it so much. You are an amazing author and i will most definitely read Dawn of Eternity when it is published. (sorry if I sound strange, I don't usually write reviews.)
5/14/2017 c1 Anonymous
Please update "A Pack Imperative". It is my favorite fanfiction of all time. You are an amazing writer.
5/3/2017 c12 Guest
I really really liked your story. All the characters and the plot of the story was incredible too. I can not wait for your next installment.
2/13/2017 c12 1IshBabe1497
My gosh we've come a long way. I can't help but feel sad for Sam, I was really rooting for her and Hunter. I can't wait for the next story.
2/13/2017 c12 22Delphine Pryde
Excellent installment to your series.
2/13/2017 c12 Guest
Sooooo good! I wish Sam and Hunter could have had something but she is very strong for realizing why they can't! :( very excited for the next installment
2/13/2017 c12 Zetsunax
Have I told you how much I love you/your writing?No? Then je t'aime! You truly know how to keep someone on their toes, keep up the good work.

I can't wait for the next story.
2/8/2017 c11 7Maxennce
Holy shit how did I melt even see that coming. What a revelation, she must be loosing her shit! Now she's buttered up by all matter of cybertronian not just the autobots. Is this ur finish point? What comes next from here?
2/6/2017 c11 5Dragonfire prime
Wow...I agree with sam. She should have stayed in bed XD
2/6/2017 c11 1IshBabe1497
Oh my God! Such a good chapter and such a twist, 8 did not see this coming and I'm so happy to see Mike again. Can't wait for the next chapter:)
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