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4/14/2018 c15 136Devin Trinidad
Well done! It was wonderful seeing the story from the points of view of the different characters from different clans. There were a few grammatical errors throughout the chapters, but nothing too noticeable. The story itself flowed like a poem and the characterizations were spot on.

Shoutout to you for including Tooru (?); he’s the teenager that Shiro inhabits for the majority of the snow. Another note, thank you for including the motivations and where the characters are at their given chapter. I really like how it was Fushimi trying to capture the unregistered Strain—ha, Neko—And so on. It really added to the lore and backed up the first episode.

It really made me nostalgic and I kind of want to watch K again.

Thanks for the wonderful read and I hope you have a fantastic day! :)
9/11/2016 c2 Guest
Aaagh, these are too short! Right as soon as I'd really get into them, they're be over already. Lol. I really enjoy your voice, though.

This is Arait being too lazy to log in on my phone :P

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