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for MLP: Friendship is Magic with Rhian

11/20/2016 c1 123Lg
I wonder how she react to meeting Thorax
9/8/2016 c1 ctran03931
An immortal Changeling who betrayed her only sister by running away, Adena went through a lot in her new life including the banishment of her own mentor, Princess Luna (an event that wretched away the happiness she found because of her mentor's own sister, the pony she secretly loathed with a passion ever since despite their friendship, Princess Celestia). Her mostly hollow life following Luna's sad and tragic tale between her and Celestia, a young unicorn arrives to heal he wounds caused by their confrontation all those years ago and to heal the pain lingering in Arena's heart and reunite her with her lost mentor and friend. That unicorn, was Twilight Sparkle, and this is how Adena's new story begins.

Looks pretty good and intriguing to see someone like a Changeling who's a sister to Chrysalis and who's more diplomatic and kind-hearted but somewhat lenient if anything goes wrong. I can imagine Adena possibly holding a secret grudge against Celestia for the past 1000 years without happiness in her new life for what happened to Luna and what she was forced to do by her mentor's own sister since the two have probably have connected in some big way to the point where they've become so close as friends or something like a mother and a daughter.

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