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for Dragon's Rage: War

11/17/2017 c13 70AVP5
Good work here and sorry for the late response
11/15/2017 c13 4Drake O'Wryan Blackheart
Nice new chapter
9/9/2017 c12 70AVP5
Good work here and what happened
9/9/2017 c12 4Drake O'Wryan Blackheart
Hey man nice new chapter hope to see more of it.
9/9/2017 c12 darck ben
good chapter
7/19/2017 c11 darck ben
good chapter
7/18/2017 c11 70AVP5
This seems familiar, but don't remember where. Also glad how this went and hope to see more when you got the time.
6/10/2017 c10 AVP5
Well, disappointed that HHH won, but curious to see what happens now
6/10/2017 c10 darck ben
good chapter
4/22/2017 c9 AVP5
Update when you got the time please and hopefully he does retain
4/22/2017 c9 darck ben
great chapter
3/12/2017 c8 AVP5
Update when you got the time and curious to see how this is going to go with David defending the title against all three men.
3/11/2017 c8 darck ben
great chapter
2/3/2017 c7 darck ben
good chapter
2/2/2017 c7 1Friend of Frozen
Revenge, can be satisfying, but he regained the gold by beating both Hunter and Roman in their game. now he has to find a way to keep it at Wrestlemania.
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