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10/13/2016 c1 soupcan
This was really beautiful. I'm a bit of a sucker for Loki & Frigga interacting - they have a really interesting relationship that I desperately wish had been explored more in the movies! I think you did a wonderful job of capturing their care for each other as well as keeping Loki in character towards the end, which is really difficult to do. And one of your last paragraphs, about Frigga being the last person Loki would ever touch, was really touching (pun not intended).
All in all, a really wonderful fic, and I hope it gets more love!
10/12/2016 c1 9Renne Michaels
Very nicely done, but I can never help but feel that Frigga could have made a bigger push to keep things from getting this bad.

Thanks for sharing.
10/12/2016 c1 5LedaSF
This is an amazing story. Thank you for breaking my heart so many times in one piece of writing. Your use of language is wonderful, and the emotions conveyed so intense. Well done!
10/12/2016 c1 15ladymacbeth99
This story is so beautiful. I'm sniffling uncontrollably over here. And I'm so honored that you considered my works an inspiration for this one.

I loved, loved the detail about Loki's nightmares coming from the unconscious trauma of abandonment, and how even as he grows up he's never able to completely shake it off, in part because he doesn't understand where those feelings are coming from. Even though Frigga really does her best to heal him with her love, by assuring him that he has a family and he's never alone, it's still not quite enough.

I loved the progression from sweet little child!Loki needing some comfort from his mother, to an older Loki giving reassurance to her instead, even to the point of masking his own feelings about Thor's departure through lighthearted remarks-using his skills of deception and his silver tongue to actually do some good for someone he loves, and Frigga is proud of him for it. And yet Frigga, too, holds a little of her feelings back to protect Loki in that scene by lightening the mood. The two of them really do have a lot in common.

I think my favorite scene was the second one, when Loki and Frigga are missing Thor already and take comfort in each other. I can easily imagine how Asgard must seem quieter and emptier without the eldest Odinson because he is such a charismatic force of nature-and I love how you subtly show how it stings Frigga that Thor leaves so triumphantly and excited for adventure, not seeming to think about the people he's leaving behind that will miss him. And while Loki doesn't come out and say it, I think that bothers him a lot too. It seems very in-character for pre-banishment Thor to come across, not as unloving, but definitely as somewhat thoughtless of other people's feelings.

There's so much going on underneath the surface of this scene, so much in what goes unsaid.

But of course, the most painful scene was the last one. Oh, my heart breaks. I really agree with your characterization of Loki as someone who is actually starved for physical contact and affection, as reluctant as he is to actually reach out to anyone, and so it makes sense that Frigga gets to receive his very last embrace. I loved this line: "You always thought there was something in me worth more than pity." Leave it to Loki to express his gratitude like that, but at least Frigga understands what he's trying to say, underneath all his fear and bitterness: thank you for being my mother and loving me even though you knew I was a monster. If only he grasped that she always sees him as her baby, no matter what.

Another thing I loved overall about this piece is the repetition of the concrete physical details of their hugs: Loki burying his face in Frigga's hair, the feeling of his breath against her neck, his frantic heartbeat that reveals how upset he really is. It really puts the reader into the scene and makes you feel it along with Frigga-and the repetition of those details goes to show that, to Frigga, even the embittered prisoner Loki is still the same little boy that used to come to her after a nightmare. Everything has changed, and yet everything has stayed the same. And it really captures his childlike fear at the end, how his mother's presence has actually stripped away much of his adult bravado and made him show the trembling little boy that wants to be loved. At least for a moment, at least for one last time.

I enjoyed reading this enormously, and I hope it gets the attention is deserves, because this is a beautiful piece. Thank you for writing it and sharing it with us.
10/6/2016 c1 silverbells
So lovely! :,) I absolutely adore the way you wove "mama, I'm afraid" into the beginning as well as the end... very well done.
9/9/2016 c1 leo0256
Excellent piece! I really enjoyed the emotion in it.

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