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for that sound you hear (is the sound of the world falling down)

7/27/2017 c1 Arson Lupine
They sound disturbingly like they've been posessed by anankos.
4/7/2017 c1 13SIGF
Oh my gosh, that was soooooooo much fun.

If that happened in the game, I would have been so thrilled.

I loved evil Corrin - it made his character so much more interesting. Evil Azura was just icing on the cake, and I love the evil couple Bonnie & Clyde vibe.

Plus, the whole siblings being in denial and STILL making excuses for Corrin... so true to the game to character, and to how they react to Corrin in the game sometimes.

The part where he yelled at Sakura really god me... my poor baby!

That was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it!
10/16/2016 c1 Guest
Damn. Just... DAMN. This was AMAZING. Evil! AUs are always something I've found interesting, but this? This was PERFECT.

Your interpretation of Corrin and Azura made them seem like actual products of the feud between Hoshido and Nohr, as their venting all made sense. I'd imagine Corrin and Azura's family would be evil but still really devoted to each other. In fact it would be cool to see them betraying and overthrowing Anankos.
(finally this may be minute, but when you described Xander's reaction to the whole thing, I imagined him resembling a startled fish XD)
10/15/2016 c1 daughterofdragons12
Definitely a cool AU story.
10/8/2016 c1 4Fanwriter23
Omg that was really really awesome. Corrin going insane after all those years is very realistic and cool. Evil Azura was interesting and really refreshing to see. I really enjoyed this story good job.
9/16/2016 c1 robotortoise
Hooooly crap.

I read the A/N at the beginning and thought "Oh, this is gonna be some angsty bullshit."

But it was not. God, it was not. The entirety of it felt so AMAZING. I really felt like Corrin was releasing and ranting some pent-up rage that he'd held in for YEARS, and he finally was grinning and releasing all this anger and malice.

Oh, and the "We plotted, we talked, we fell in love, we fucked…" line had me grinning gleefully. The pervert in me loves the idea of a Corrin who's crass and rude.

I kinda wish this is how the actual story played out now, TBH. I'd read an entire fic of Corrin and Azura meeting in secret and talking about how much they hate the world and doing evil acts.
9/14/2016 c1 13Spiner909
Oh my. I love me some Evilzura.
9/12/2016 c1 7Remful

It's so interesting (and somewhat reassuring) to see more Evil!Corrin stuff, and I did like the 'Exact wording' for Yato. We're so used to the Fire Emblem being in the hands of the hero, we forget that, at the end of the day, it's just an object.

Great story, looking forward to more!

9/11/2016 c1 22Cirex Review
Ah, an 'Evil AU.' I like those as well, but only if they're done well. This is a good one, but it raises a lot of world building questions.

Is Corrin aware of his true parentage?

What will their roles be come Valla's conquest? I know that on your tumblr you had one of two end scenarios be that the Evil OTP could serve as a twisted clergy/royalty of whatever comes afterwards.

In the case of that scenario, I am now really interested in seeing what an evil Shigure/Kana would be like. For some reason I'm picturing Shigure to be like Julius from FE4, while Kana's serves as a Darth Vader-like enforcer/champion for her parents/brother. Unlike most evil families, who hate and backstab one another, I'm picturing evil Corrin and Azura'sfamily to be twistedly devoted to one another.
9/11/2016 c1 22Xetton
Heh, a bit is an understatement. And that ass pat from Azura. Love it.
9/11/2016 c1 8ShadeOfTyranny
Gonna be honest, Evil!Corrin/Azura has also been a guilty pleasure of mine as well (mostly just to think about). Along with Insane!Corrin, from the dragon blood, but that's more difficult to justify.

Very well written. I love the fact that it uses the canon scene - of Gunter accusing Corrin and Azura of having plotted the whole thing - and makes that accusation TRUE. Love the oneshot!
9/11/2016 c1 4IcyAltheon
9/10/2016 c1 5ajani's apprentice
First question on the evil Corrin and Azura au (which to me makes a lot of sense sadly.) Why isn't Gunter with them? Shouldn't he be with Anankos still since he was with him to try to get revenge by hurting Corrin and would still want that and probably didn't know Corrin worked with Anankos so it's not like he would choose not to be with Anankos since Corrin would be with him? And if he was with Anankos, I find it unlikely that he'd be able to snap out of it just because Corrin now is with him.

Second, are they really monologuing? Yes, we as the readers need it but still! I would think they'd be smarter then that. You NEVER monologue! It's always the first step to losing.

Third, while they don't know the same loneliness, Corrin is wring to say they know love and don't know neglect. By the time Corrin was taken, we had evil Garon, and the concubine wars weren't done just yet. So yeah, they do kinda get it.

Fourth, I love Corrin saying it was enough to drive one a little mad. Sounds so much like the Joker. Speaking the Joker, I recently watched the Killing Joke. I loved it and I love how the Joker is portrayed. I love the writing, the dialogue, the characters. I love his motive. I just love it. I never did read the comic sadly. Anyway, I'm reminded of his 'All it takes is one bad day.' belief. And Corrin and Azura had plenty of them.

Fifth, why is Azura so... seductive isn't the right word? Sultry? Sorry, she is really OOC here, and not just in terms of villainy. Maybe i'm just irked that she's in the stereotypical role of the 'evil sultry seductive villainess' with how she's acting. Why can't we have a modest villainess JUST to turn things around?

Sixth, I like the sudden change between vivd rage and... happiness isn't the word but whatever it is that Corrin changes to after Azura calms him down. Also, why is Corrin more insane, or at least acts more insane?

Okay, he is REALLY reminding me of the Joker with the whole "This is a village, this is a river!" Seriously, he is very unhinged.

He literally landed on her. Okay, I cracked a grin at that.

Okay, I think my favorite part of all this is that Takumi is right. Somehow I really like Takumi and his suspicion. Maybe it's because it brings a little reality into the games. Maybe because it's only natural. Maybe it's because someone had to be. Whatever it is, I'm happy he is and I like how he here is right. Maybe that's why I like him a lot in Elfie's Corrin Reacts. He's still the only sibling acting sensical with suspicions.

Where does Garon fit in? He obviously is still not real Garon. Like, did he know about everything? Was he working with Corrin? And if Corrin knew, then wouldn't he actually hate Anankos since it was him who was really responsible? Which brings up another question I meant to ask about Fates in general. Why doesn't Aannkos just have him killed when he's little? If Slime Garon really was the one who stole him that is. And why didn't he kill Azura or steal the pendent before Hoshido took her?

Just remembered, what does he mean he was ignored by the servants? Has he forgotten Felicia's kindness? Jakob's never ending loyalty? How about Gunter's love and care and tutoring (which he doesn't know was fake)? About Lilith's devotion (which brings up another question, where does she fit in? Would she join Corrin, or oppose Anankos because of meeting the good one?) I can't really say much for Flora, I mean I love her character but she certainly wouldn't have helped here.

Ouch. Wow, surpsirng that the Yato, the frekaing Fire Emblem, is just about greatness, not righteousness. Guess it does make sense though. Though It brings up another question. Wouldn't the rain Sage, with all of his power and stuff, recognize Corrin as evil? He also is an ancient dragon.

interesting how Hinoka is the one in the most denial. I agree Takumi and Leo would be furious, and considering Scarlet died, Ryoma would be along with them. Sakura and Elsie would definitely cry. Xander would most certainly be just speechless. But I'd think Hinoka would be broken and speechless, not in denial. That would be Camilla.

Nice Xander. I like the defiance. It may be meaningless but at least you die with your honor.

Another question. What would Moro do? Assuming she could do anything. I'm not asking about the rest of the Astral Dragons since Lilith says they are dead. (which is another question about Fates. What the heck happened to the Astral Dragons? And who is Moro really and why isn't she doing anything to actually help? She seems to be around enough to change Lilith back and forth and get them to the astral plains.)

All in all, while I do like it, it raises some questions and just reminds me about a lot of holes in the main game.

Also, bonus end scene: The spirit of good Anankos appears and tries to reason with the two. Either it works and they fall down and beg for forgiveness (which they'd likely get because Anakos did manipulate them) or they may pull a suicide from utter shame, or it doesn't work and Anankos has to kill them himself somehow and Lilith takes up the Yato and slays bad Anakos and becomes queen. Or that doesn't happen and Naga gets wind that the Awakening Trio were killed (likely they couldn't escape) and decides Aankos just had an act ion war (you know, if Before Awakening and Hidden Truths weren't enough of one) and we get some Shepherds V.S evil Fates clash. Or maybe It ends up being like the Future Past DLC where another Alternate Revelations Fates crew have to save the day. Huh. I really put a lot of work into this. Even though it really is meaningless in the end.
9/10/2016 c1 13Dan Blue
Corrin's character in the game was just a bit too nice and trusting in my opinion so I really like this dark and twisted version of him as well as Azura. Good work
9/10/2016 c1 1Socail
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