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2/20/2022 c8 Jade
So…I know you said you wouldn’t drop this but it has been like 6 years now right? Well I suppose it doesn’t matter, I like the concept a lot considering how few si oc’s I’ve found with good potential like this one. Would have looked forward to seeing both Gintoki’s bond some more and seeing how their relationship develops what with the whole one being a passenger thing (maybe male gintoki would’ve gained the ability to pop up? Idk) as well as the general plot and changing of canon. Either way, was enjoyable while it lasted so thanks for the read
6/14/2020 c8 ita123
Update please :(
4/3/2018 c8 FunnyCat122233
Hello! I really love your fanfiction! Please continue! I marked your words and i'm going to wait for next chapter. I know that it's been a long time, but it' ok. I'll wait.

(Sorry for my bad English... English is not my first language.)
2/19/2018 c5 Guest
It's cool
12/24/2016 c8 Stormy.Clouds231
Tatsugorou lives! So now there is no dead husband which mean no grave, I wonder how Gintoki and Otose meet now?
10/22/2016 c7 BloodyCamellia
Heh, so she can kick some ass. And not just any, but Takasugi's ass. Damn, girl! Her lines resemble Gintoki's in the cannon a lot (cough*copy-paste*cough). I guess this is to show how she is turning into Gintoki more and more and forgetting her past life, but she still can't let some things go. Understandable. I don't have much to say this time. Thank you for the new chapter. Till next time. Bye.
10/19/2016 c2 Guest
Why didn't u make gintoki look like his female version instead?
10/1/2016 c5 BloodyCamellia
You need to elaborate more. The sentences are too short and feel incomplete.
Also, it might be better if when Gintoki is talking you don't put the 'Gintoki says' sentence in Italics. For example, 'I still don't understand what all this about Gintama is' in Italics, but ' The boy grumbles.' should be normal. Same goes for when you underline her sentences. No need to underline 'She says' sentences.
Your story is getting better and better, probably because you're getting the hang of writing. Though I think she would recognize Katsura and Takasugi. How could she not? SI-characters usually dread meeting the cannon ones and count the seconds till they come along. I get that you want to make her different from the other SI-OCs, but there's no way a Gintama fan wouldn't recognize those two. What was the last chapter she read?
One more thing. Shouldn't her chest be bigger since Gintoki's female version had goddamn watermelons. Not to mention, it would be pretty funny to see her complaining about back pain or something while Gintoki is forced to listen. I think, even the pervert that he is, he would get sick of it.
9/25/2016 c4 BloodyCamellia
I'm so glad I waited for this chapter! This time I can finally say I loved the chapter and really, really mean it. It wasn't all that compared to some stories I've read, but it is by far your best chapter. The length has a lot to do with it. I also loved the omake. :)
I see you've answered my question from the previous chapter about the whole trained to kill thingy. It does make sense that Yatagarasu would recruit orphans and such. I didn't know Sakata meant rice balls. o.O
9/17/2016 c3 BloodyCamellia
I thought she was sold to a brothel or something. I mean, stuff like mini-Yoshiwara. Maybe trained to be a courtesan or something. It sounds unlikely that someone is bothering to teach toddlers to kill, not to mention a GIRL. I just don't see this happening. Sorry. Maybe after I see more of what you planned, but I still find this an unlikely to happen plot development.
Everything beside this is believable. I mean, it's not like Gintoki could just raise himself or something. Someone had to have took care of him when he was a baby. Maybe they were killed by amanto or some samurai and he had to take care of himself the way he did.
9/14/2016 c2 BloodyCamellia
Finally! I've never read a Gintama SI before. Heck, I had even started wondering whether there is one to begin with. Wait, is there another one? o.O
If you know some, could you recommend them to me?
As for the story, well, it is still too early to judge it. I need to read more to have a proper opinion of it. So far, cliche and plain. It is to be expected as first few chapters of self-insert stories are always like that, which is precisely why I can't wait for the next chapter. Show me where you can take this cliche plot.
(P.S. I love Self-Inserts.)

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