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5/17 c49 mimisemily
beginning of toms acknowledgment that hermione is indeed a woman. So juicy. I cant wait for more. Im on top of the updates so just know that whenever you release it, ill be reading it <3
5/15 c49 firingblanks94
Act like a cockwomble and get treated like a cockwomble!
5/17 c49 nightcandle723
thanks for the update, really enjoyed it!
5/15 c49 Lucy Maud Montgomery
Im actually squealing at that ending. I cant wait to see if hd is able to hids this massive change in his psyche.
4/29 c48 nick nack456
this story is divine and i am waiting very impatiently for the next chapter! i have been following since you began posting this and i absolutely adore Tom's character development. i look forward to seeing how his relationship develops with hermione!
4/18 c48 Guest
Yes! I was so excited when I saw the new chapter. Honestly Tom's history is fucked up, I definitely felt bad for him. I think he wasn't able to see anything with the vigilio charm bcs of privacy? I don't remember if you mentioned they built it in already or if Tom the elder put it in.
4/19 c48 4Wynter Phoenix
Fantastic chapter!
4/19 c48 Jessicaanderic12
I wonder if Peter is related to the guy from wool orphanage you know a squib from the line
4/14 c47 1Rosesaresweet
Sad this isn’t completed already. I read it all in one go, and by the time I saw the comment about “x” I was too far gone tbh. Thank you :)
3/6 c47 Jessicaanderic12
3/2 c47 van3xxx
Salut, j adore ton histoire! Tu écris vraiment très bien! J' ai hâte de lire la suite :)
2/18 c47 14Rosebloom20
Yeah There was a commercial on for heart-shaped cherios and I was like... They taste the same! Anyway, I love love love your story. I love how in depth your characters are. Please don't stop writing over here. Arkive of our Own is not accessable to blind people, or at least not to me for some reason. Maybe I'm not tech savy enough. I wish I had half the stamina you do to keep going on with my stories though health and a lack of reviews doesn't help... But anyway, just keep on keeping on because I've never experienced a modern day Tom like this, with a younger Tom working out in tandom and having them living in harmony. It's beautiful. Thank you for your story.
2/16 c7 Foxfire1215
I like Dracos lines. He’s hilarious!
2/15 c45 WandsandWhiskey
That whole chapter had me barely breathing! Whooo!
2/15 c44 WandsandWhiskey
Oh shite! Plot twisty goodness!
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