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3/23 c41 PixieM
Please tell me there's more of this, I love it so much
2/25 c43 Guest
It has been a delight reading this story. Found it because it was a favorited story by another author I follow. Well-written, intriguing. I stayed up far later than I should have last night to keep reading. Really looking forward to seeing the relationship between Hermione and Tom develop as well as what happens once older Tom starts messing with the timeline per Dove’s request. I look forward to when you post next.
2/23 c43 andak
Loved this story so far. You have me hooked I read it pretty much all this week.
2/21 c43 Protect Helaena
You need to update! I love it so much!
2/4 c1 kimberlie.nguyenucd
Please please don’t give up on this story, I’ve been following it for a long time and love to reread it all the time!
1/30 c43 Viveen
I’m worried about what old Riddle is about to do. Fingers crossed for your side hustles being successful!
1/25 c43 Banshee Black
Thank you for the update.
Happy New Year.
1/22 c43 Guest
Mondays are hard, but waking up to your update was a giant, happy bright spark that made the day a little more bearable. Thank you!
1/24 c43 4Rang Tracyn
Post where you feel comfortable. I love your story and your writing so regardless of which site I’ll be reading your work and enjoying it. Wishing you all the best!
1/24 c43 Lurkerlover
Thankyou for the dual posting! Love the new chapter and totally get the need for multiple side hustles. Breathing is expensive!
1/23 c42 ashadowdancer
YAY! another chapter posted! I'm posting this on a prior chapter b/c I usually backtrack a chapter or three to do a quick refresh my memory of the plotline. I've done several complete re-readings of the story from chapter 1 to help tie the new chapters with the old ones.

I will admit, I really wish you were comfortable with a 10 chapter lead and/or willing to post 1 chapter per months-purely for selfish reasons of course. I really like what you are doing and developing characters I did not know about. I will admit, I became a fan after I took the kids I USED TO babysit for to the first movie. That got me hooked and then my mom hooked as well after that.

I really like your story b/c it takes a popular, unusual pairing, and you write it in a way that is completely different. You DID NOT jump into the love (and sex) at first sight. And I really like how you develop the Older Tom as well as the younger Tom. I would suggest delving more into Older Tom and his interactions with Abraxas and Flynn as they help him cope. And I would like to see more interactions between Hermione and Older Tom. Although I have a feeling there may/will be a lot of that once you get to the Pettigrew confrontation and the exodus from Gryffindor? I have a feeling that might end up in St. Mungos for Hermione or Harry what with Ron's temper and laziness during his schooling.

And I hope you do not delete your first posting of this story line in either AO3 or fanfiction. I know you abandoned that one but there were some substories (or subplots) that I loved and was crushed when those sections were eliminated from this renewed posting of the story.

Thank you again and I hope you can post even sooner next time.
1/23 c43 rubyred753
To continue beyond my fat finger typing 'post this' mistakemy mind is reeling at the risks and changes ahead. Never expected this proposal from her. Definitely caught me off guard. And now I"m wondeting what lies ahead...
1/23 c43 rubyred753
Thank you for the Chinese New Year present. an update! Containing a surprise! Was totslly blown away by the 'chsnge' proposal
1/23 c43 4Wynter Phoenix
Lovely chapter!
1/23 c42 amdryden16
Can you please tell me what/where AO3 is because I absolutely LOVEEEE this fic and really want to continue reading. It’s horrible that some idiots think they can literally threaten to extort someone into posting more of their own intellectual property by saying that they will steal your intellectual property. It’s sad that several bad apples can ruin it for others who look forward to your posts but I completely get your reasoning. If you can’t add a reply comment on here about what AO3 is feel free to send me an email, it’s the same as my username a l. Thanks again for your amazing imagination and the story you’ve created 3 a loyal fan!
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