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for The Evil That Mortals Do

4/16/2017 c5 Anon
Can't wait for the future Zamasu one shot!
It showcases the arrogance (for thinking less of the gas that he endured), vanity (the looking down of mortals and the undying hatred before Black) and the fighting prowess (fight scenes) of Black.

Will the failed pursue of the Yardratians and the final fate of Future Zamasu (since the wish for immortality wasn't wished in this universe) be covered in the final one-shot as chapter 4 showcases Present Zamasu's thoughts before he is erased from existence and this chapter showcases a weaker Black's thoughts before his justice is forever ended.
4/5/2017 c5 7Minecraft Guardiansaiyan
Zamasu...is an asshole...
3/29/2017 c5 1ThePolishSausageRoaster
Damn. This was incredible! I love these one shots of Goku Black and how they delve into his psyche.
3/19/2017 c5 1Trunkssan766
I like this. I REALLY like this. This is an alternate universe, right?
2/16/2017 c4 17WarriorMan199456
"A God standing for something..." Beerus knelt to him, allowing Zamasu to spend the last few moments of existence watching the deplorable creature's amused smile. "What a human concept!"

This line. So much irony. Nicely well said.
11/10/2016 c1 3Chaosconetic
This was really nicely written. Zamasu is a pretty unusual bad guy by DBZ standards. I also like how having killed so many gods by himself and being in Goku's body has altered that Zamasu's personality to be harder, less cowardly and more cocky than the other Zamasu. Perhaps that's Saiyan biology at work, influencing his impulses.

Ya know after just coming from the final Chapter of The Vicious God's Wrath which I somehow missed reading, I realized something quite amusing. Frieza and Black Zamasu would hate eachother more than they both hate the real Goku because Frieza is the very embodiment of the corruption he sees in mortals and their evil, while Frieza would hate Zamasu for obvious reasons, he would hate him even more for wearing Goku's body as well as the hypocrisy of a mortal hating god using a mortal's body to get stronger. Then there's Goku himself who hates them both because they've both killed people he, or an alternate version of him, loves without any remorse. An interesting little hate triangle, eh? But throw in Vegeta and it makes it even more interesting since Frieza enslaved him and wiped out his race, Black Zamasu murdered future Bulma and "Defiles Saiyan Cells." by stealing Goku's body; and lastly, the real Goku is his rival..
10/27/2016 c3 1The Breaking Point
I believe that Zamasu's goals are mostly that of a narcissistic nature instead of the noble (In his own right) plan since he deems himself the hero of the situation even though he has exterminated God's other than himself to help with his plan.
10/27/2016 c3 X3runner
Was the guy in the last chapter black zamasu or zamasu zamasu ?
9/20/2016 c1 Guest
I like how you included the part about how black refers to his form as son Goku's body but never refers to himself as Goku I think you got his character pretty well
9/10/2016 c1 The Breaking Point
Loved your Resurrection of F remake and I've been waiting on the sequel for a long time and I love Black's character

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