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3/31/2021 c1 luvnanofate
What do I think of Takeo? He is a worthless, no good, ass. First off, why does he automatically think she would have a boyfriend? She could just as easily have a girlfriend. And demanding that she figure out some code in order for him to be straight with her, stop being so cryptic, give me a break. Someone who leaves his family and then makes demands on them while spouting that he wants to make up for being a bad father is a hypocrite. And Ami needs to talk with her friends so she can move past this and stop worrying about some idiot from the Silver Millennium. She has family enough and friends who care for her now. I cannot see how this could turn into anything interesting after this story. But it is a decent job of writing though.
6/15/2018 c1 18Kasienda
This was cute. I like how you weaved the phone calls between her interactions with her mom, friends, and memories. I thought that once she remembered Zoisite she would also wonder about the "Green-eye" detail in her father's question! And was super sad to not be able to find "A Stone's Thought"! Is it posted somewhere else? Or simply not done at this time? You've left us with a mystery and I want to know more!
5/13/2017 c1 ric122-inactive
Hi dude great story please respond to my private message and oh I'm sorry I lied to you about sockpuppeting and plagiarizing
9/11/2016 c1 James Birdsong
9/11/2016 c1 22Astraearose-silvermoon
Interesting start is this just a one shot or are you continuing this with a stones thoughts chapter or is it a series of one shots

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