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for Edward's Mistake

4/15 c14 15Ptool
hope to see this finished
2/20 c3 Xxx
Poor Jasper ...
1/13 c5 Guest
No offense to Jasper but mate or not Alice would hate him if he killed Bella so would Emmett. Why is Alicia no t saying anything wow what a friend. Bella put herself on the line but Alice say nothing wow what a crappy friend. With Alice as her friend I don't think she has to worry about the Vollturi
1/11 c10 Ptool
love this story. too bad she ends up with edward though, he is a real bastard here
1/10 c14 27momma2fan
I really hope this works out like Jasper plans and that Bella is on board. Can't wait for more. Please update soon!
6/28/2020 c14 celajwhitney
great chapter, i hope everything plays out the way Jasper anticipates. but then again, you never know with Bella.
6/12/2020 c14 2Peacelovefairy
Nice I like
6/5/2020 c14 UnderlinedSmile
Awesome, thanks for the update!
6/4/2020 c14 3jeoliverio
will bella agree or not?
6/4/2020 c14 jeoliverio
I didn't think I would be so interested in this story
6/4/2020 c14 1tinac
Oh I like Peter. Great update.i was very excited to see an update. More soon please.
6/4/2020 c14 twiclare
Great to see an update!
6/2/2020 c13 Tommy14
Since Jasper, Peter and Charlotte are favorites of mine, I'm excited to see how Jasper's plan work out.
3/11/2019 c13 tammysgalaxy91gmail.com
Please please update soon
3/10/2019 c13 1My Eyez Are Watching Everyone
great read so far please do continue soon.
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