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for Don't Wake the King: The Prequel

1/24/2019 c7 Guest
We need our boi kaiser Ghidorah and mecha Godzilla
7/14/2018 c3 Guest
I’m personally hoping we get classic Godzilla back eventually. I like the shin design just fine but I prefer a more classic one
7/8/2018 c9 creative original username
Nice story m8eight...
4/18/2018 c9 Guest
10/17/2017 c8 1AuthorKnight90
Hello This AuthorKnight90.

I know you probably don't know me and I one of the few readers you get to comment and review your story. I been waiting to do this for quite awhile after everything been come down and give my overview to this story along with the first story apart of this. I giving both my honest opinion and criticism while their might be a small rant I'm just stating my opinion and nothing more. Take it with a grain of salt. Okay let begin.

I want to first said that I did enjoy the story for the most part I like the gem war being interrupted by Godzilla as he see himself as the true protector of the earth. While the introduced of adding element of Shin Godzilla is mix for me I'm enjoy it for the most part. I like that the gems left behind see godzilla as a deity and I like that some of them become hybrid help godzilla by giving him the radiation from them. I like the gem-goji hybrid and hope to see more of them if you make the sequel. I like some early foreshadow to the previous story(I'll come back to that). I like the last villain was kind of a cluster-like ghidorah(and this too). I like mothra being the mediator between 'The Crystal Gems' and 'Godzilla'. I like Rose respect to Godzilla wanting to protect his home earth and want Godzilla to see her as just as part of it as he is. While Yellow Diamond as an Obvious role of controlled villain I still enjoy some her frustrated moment. I also like that little shin godzilla set up to Godzilla infusing the remaining ghidorah cluster gem with his D.N.A. I hope to see that in the sequel hopefully the actual cluster steven bubble might be some used if godzilla can infused his D.N.A. into it. Although I think it should look like Godzilla sleeping on top of it instead of percing his thick armor plated skin.

However now we need to get into the criticism and mini rant I have for your story.

The whole Mothra being a sort of Mother figure is interesting but I can't see Godzilla being able to see that. Godzilla been known to frequently to fight and sometimes killed mothra in almost every incarnations. While he have team up with her a few times it always been in either larva form(Ghidorah, the three headed monsters and Destroy all Monsters) or far way not see together in adult form (Godzilla:Final Wars). Godzilla only singly fight her such case in godzilla vs the sea monsters where it similar to Goku from Dragon Ball Z because that what he known to do all his life. If jasper was also from earth seen in one of the episode how come no gem beside Yellow Diamond and Lapis Lazuli don't warn other gem about him? If she was so into getting revenge against Godzilla in this story why was she afraid to fight him in the last story? I know you get tired of hearing it but calling the villain "Cluster Ghidorah" really doesn't make since since it would had to be part of King Ghidorah race and not a look-alike. I understand if it like a mecha copy like Mecha-king Ghidorah and MechaGodzilla. But clearly this creature is simply a cluster that seem to have the form resemble King Ghidorah. It seem more like a Hydra-cluster dragon cluster than a Ghidorah cluster. Shin Godzilla segment while at time was cool but Shin Godzilla is a totally different creature of its own, that to using some it powers in Legendary Godzilla can be rather jarring.

Also here where we are getting to the mini-rant that you already heard from another reviewer. I agree that simply Godzilla breath his atomic breath and Rose surviving it wouldn't have Godzilla give respect to here. I know he would be a little impress but he still would had to be a battle of will similiar to miki saegusa the psychic girl from the Heisei(1984-1995) era. Then maybe he might a tiny bit respect towards her. Godzilla rare show respect towards anything. Especially towards human or human-looking being like The Crystal Gem.

I take it you been seeing the new Steven Universe episode and I hope you know that not everything is as simple as it seem. Like Yellow diamond may want to destroy earth but she not a down right villain or evil that would be to simple. Also that human kid garner show that pink diamond might have not have been as bad the crystal gem like to portray her. At least he care enough to want to at least preserve the species, she went about in a way she didn't understand being a Diamond figure and alien as the rest of the gem are to Planet Earth custom. I hope you create a more creative story in the sequel and A New creature for Godzilla to face and not a rehashed version of a previous Godzilla's enemy. I also Like to more of the diamond authority along with the other characters from the show even Centipedle,Jasper, the Ruby squad, More fusions, Steven's Dad Greg, Beach City and more.

Also since You'll using Godzilla 2014 as the basic Godzilla does that mean that the "MonsterVerse" is some what canon in your story? If so are we going to see others kaiju like:Kong and The Skull Crawlers from "Kong:Skull Island(2017)" and Rodan with the real King Ghidorah since they are going to be in the next Legendary Godzilla films?

I hope you'll still think about doing a sequel to "Don't Wake The King". I'm still interested enough to see the sequel but I hope my overview help your planning with the next story if you ever get around to it. I thank you for taking your time to read this And hope I didn't discourage you into not making another story. Like I said despite my little criticism and little rant, I've still enjoy the story and wish to see more effort put into it and love to see where you take this story. Maybe try to keep the story self contained so it don't have to follow the show all that much.

Looking forward to hearing you and see what happen. Thank again for your time. Good luck and Bye.
8/10/2017 c9 Darkness Hunter
ONE of the BEST fanfiction ever.
5/14/2017 c9 7Shac89
4/3/2017 c9 28darksidersfollower97
hey man, when you said that Mothra and Godzilla once to fought with each other do mean they fought together as a team or what and does Godzilla have magentic abilities and summon lightning bolts in the sky like they say in death battle also please go to details regarding the relationship with Mothra and Godzilla.
2/6/2017 c9 The Guyver
Guys read the notifications on the bottom, he says this is the end. What the hell do guys think when he means Epilouge after the previous chapter?
2/1/2017 c9 J.T
WHAT?! IS THAT IT? Amethyst woke him up. and now you put a cliff-hanger on it? hope there's a another chapter about it that cliff-hanger just makes me angry you won't like it when I'm ANGRY! (that's from the hulk, not an threat.)
11/19/2016 c9 Prophet2121
Lol you did grate on the story dude also please let us know when you update the storyline you are an amazing writer I'd give you 9.5 out of 10 sorry it's only like a few words mis spelled
11/12/2016 c9 11OMAC001
Love the build-up to a sequel! Can't wait to see more!
11/12/2016 c9 24toonfreak
Will there be another one?! (Please say yes...this series is really awesome)
11/11/2016 c8 MUTO TOHO
Okay let's talk about Tue bad stuff first. One is the final fight between Godzilla and Ghidorah, I thought their fight very underwhelming because you don't describe it as that big of an upgrade for him. To me it's just a regular King Ghidorah, I think it would've been great if you use a super cluster gem upgraded Kaiser Ghidorah, that would've made the fight more epic, the fight itself was great but it's not what I would call a final boss. Second, I don't like how he's such an asswhole to those who just want to help him, the best way I can describe is like Batman in Arkham City where Batman was being an ass hat to those who wanted nothing to do with what was going on and to friends who just want to help, but with Batman it's because he's being pressured by the fact that a poison in his blood I slowly killing him but with Godzilla it's because of pride and there's nothing wrong with that but is there any type of radiation that can make him less of an ass hat. Third, the respect he had for rose, that was something I really like in the first one that he didn't kill everyone because of his respect towards Rose and I wanted more clarity on that, like what made him respect her so much, but here it's just because she was able to withstand his atomic breath, weak. Okay now for the good stuff. First Roses respect towards Godzilla, I May have said I didn't get Godzilla's respect towards her but I did like Rose's respect towards him because she values all life on earth and the fact that she didn't need to tame him was great, it really fits her character. Second, the actions scenes, the best thing in thisis definitely the fights Godzilla gets himself in they're very action packed I think and they really got on the edge of my seat. I may have said that I didn't like the final fight between Godzilla and Ghidorah but I can't just ignore the fight before it which really epic, and it really made me tired after reading it. Third and the best of all, Godzilla himself, Godzilla is just great in this and yeah I said that he was an ass hat but still his pride is what matters to him and I do respect that. Also I really have to mention when he became Shin Godzilla, that really made me feel bad for him and wondered how he would get out of it and Rose healing him was great in my opinion. also I want to bring up Lapis, okay she is my favorite character in the show but she barely does anything here and that's all I'll say about her. So you see that this fanfic has flaws but I still think it's a good fanfic. I give it an 8/10
11/5/2016 c8 11OMAC001
Guessing the Corruption would wake up Godzilla. We'll wait and see...
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