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11/8/2019 c23 1JackO'Lantern-Summers
OOOOOOOH oh boy! Wow, what a drama queen! But, uh, what a way to really scare the crap out of everyone
10/31/2019 c22 JackO'Lantern-Summers
Uh oh, oh no! Oh no! Ohhhho this should be fun!
Still love both stories! I hope you find a job soon!
4/17/2019 c21 JackO'Lantern-Summers
Eyyyyy you're back!
Varja, if you don't leave my anxious wreck alone I swear
4/14/2019 c21 anmsff
4/14/2019 c21 2Malfel
Glad to see it's finally updated (:
12/13/2018 c20 iiShadow3
woo i habe no idea where this is going.
11/2/2018 c20 12GodofGreed

Is that a Servamp or Blue Exorcist reference? Or is it something else altogether?
10/8/2018 c19 vvink
I love this story! Can't wait for you to update~
9/18/2018 c19 CicadasNSeagulls
Yes! So good to see that you’re back! How’ve you been? Anyway, this chapter was so good as it always is! I love this story so much, especially Kid and Asura’s interactions with each other. The story is really heating up and I can’t wait to see what happens! So exciting! Thanks for your hard work as always!
3/13/2018 c16 1JackO'Lantern-Summers
Eyyyyyy ur back!
Hecka excited for more!
3/13/2018 c16 1I didn'tdoityoucan'tproveit
I've forgotten what this is about, I'll have to reread it.
12/30/2017 c15 9Ai Megurine
Kid is such a nice brother it's nice to see Asura having some happiness *-*
12/28/2017 c15 1JackO'Lantern-Summers
Dammit Black*Star.
Poor Asura, he's never going to relax with him around.
12/28/2017 c15 9bibliophile030
Your chapter was great~ Hope you feel better. Thanks for such great writing
8/19/2017 c14 9Ai Megurine
Oh my god this absolutely awesome! It's such a good story! Asura is an adorable cinnamon roll who needs reassurance and hugs! Aaaaand I want Tsubaki and Asura to be friends xD like the two shy absolute cute cinnamon buns xD
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