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for The Marauders' Tuition

11/11/2022 c3 14AnAnya Contd
oh god.. two hours later and I'm still laughing
6/5/2020 c3 1BellaK26
LOL Please Continue I want to read more.
11/2/2019 c3 10kgfinkel
Ahhh! A good old fashioned parody. Such sweet humor...
1/21/2018 c3 9Marc the Unruly
Funny story, but the last bit of this chapter? EWW! JUST EWW! :)
11/18/2017 c3 Fugacity
Shows promise but it's sadly incomplete
9/3/2017 c3 Guest
Oct 31 1994 was a Monday not Tuesday ;)
1/10/2017 c2 70The Dark Enchantress Ruhi
12/18/2016 c2 10Flying Flitwicks
I shouldn't have sung along with Cornelius right there. Oh my goodness, this chapter was downright ~blegh~ *insert shudders* *and tears*. It seems I can only procure sounds and action right now, not words. Please tell me you'll add more? (Pretty please.)
11/9/2016 c2 Fallow53
xxx Kudos xxx : )
10/23/2016 c2 3alix33
I'm so grateful for Remus consoling Harry there. I wouldn't have wanted to be Hermione if Harry took a vow of celibacy.
Bartemius Crouch needs something really bad, like a constipation spell that lasts months, to happen to him.
I'm in utter awe of the Weasley twins: I've never bet against my parents ever, never mind betting and winning.
Yay! for Bartemius Crouch junior having died and Sirius' magic thus in no way, shape or form, being off since Azkaban.
Take THAT, Lucius Malfoy (whatever Cornelius Fudge did to you when he thought you were a Veela), for remaining a Death Eater even after whatever Lily Potter did that took Tom Riddle junior's body away from him.
AW! The poor, traumatised Weasley twins.
10/21/2016 c2 Guest
That was weird. Cool, but weird. Is Draco aware of his parentage?
10/21/2016 c2 7vishnusnair2010
I laughed throughout the
10/20/2016 c2 13Tsukiyomi Sora
Jajajajajakaaj Oh por Dios jajajajajakaaj adoro este fic... Continualo
9/27/2016 c1 12LeeArt
My condolence to the family and friends of Harmonious Cannons, he'll be sorely missed
9/13/2016 c1 Guest
Nice. Keep writing. I really want to see how this one goes. (prank suggestion; have Harry greet Malfoy with an enthusiastic hug and a very public announcement that seeing him is the highlight of the train ride. Then watch him try to escape.)
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