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for Naruko: The Story Retold

11/2/2016 c8 romancejunky
I actually like how you are progressing the story and I definitely support the yuri story line. While Hinata is not my favorite I wouldn't mind seeing how they progress and how well the council takes not being able to control kushina and Naru at every turn. I look forward to the next chapter and hope your doing well otherwise.

10/25/2016 c7 idea.getthe
wow... long...
10/12/2016 c6 8PinkiePieParty122894
Oh how about a Naruko and Juugo pairing?
10/9/2016 c5 idea.getthe
i thought after the huge bomb of naru introduction and with the story not shun of the dark side of a ninja life, i thought we will see more political play... not class and OP life...
like... many ninja like hiruzen and danzo now sent their anbu to monitor her. While both still consider naru as unknown factor thus didnt move in to approach directly(as naru maybe a timebomb or a spy) but still sent anbu to prevent other party from getting naru.
naru stupidly introduce her parentage. which WILL attract many power hunger people. her heritage from yondaime must be a lot. if not, her potential to be strong is still there.
many upper layer know she has kyuubi.
even if she is either, she is still daughter of kushina thus raise the chance to get kushina on their side.
10/5/2016 c5 paladin3030
Naruko was practically swiming in Kurama's chakra for 10 months what if some of it leached into her creating a new bijuu in the form of Yoko & a naturally born jinjuriki in Naruko.
10/5/2016 c5 romancejunky
Well I have to say that I started reading this thinking that something really bad was going to occur in the brothel but I am very glad that nothing happened there. Also i am very interested in seeing a different pairing than kakashi maybe even a yuri pairing if your up to it. My suggestion for the R the pairing would be narukoxtenten for a yuri pairing or narukoxmalehaku if it's a normal pairing. My vote personally would be the yuri pairing if given the choice but I know the ultimate decision is yours.

9/30/2016 c5 Katie Gillis
Great chapter. I would want the pairings to be either naruko & ino or naruko & hinata
9/29/2016 c5 emomatt
I wouldn't mind seeing a naruhina or naruino pairing & I like how you got sasuke & naruko being a brother & sister type & him not being all emo
9/29/2016 c5 2KaixDecayx
I can seeeee the sasunaru a lil bit if i squint lol . I thought the uzumaki had regeneration in there genes ... They were called the clan of longevity and regeneration... Like with karin's healing bite. I think narutos won't be on par with the instantaneous stuff like the kyubi but she'd have a little something cause people said uzumaki's are hard to kill. I can't remember where I got this info tho
9/29/2016 c5 HjLostDreams
I say no to Kakashi. It will just be to weird. It doesnt help that i've never been a huge fan of Kakashi. Naruhina for the pairing. The fact that they are already in a relationship make it easier.

How much did the brothel affect her? Even though she's with Hinata it also came across like she's sleeping around with a bunch of people. And it seems like she has disregard towards Hinata feelings based of that.

And I have to ask will this story have kunoichi as glorified whores? I've read stories were I have been blindsided by that because there was no indication of that. Giving the background of the story makes me nervous
9/23/2016 c4 idea.getthe
The front to mid part was very good... But then it just time skip and time skip making it more like a summary than a story.
Example. In Naru training, you could input a scene where zabuza explain about how to grip a sword properly... And in zabuza intense explanation midway, Naru was chasing butterfly... What?
9/23/2016 c4 8PinkiePieParty122894
Who is Naruko being paired with?
9/20/2016 c3 PinkiePieParty122894
This is so much fun! _
9/20/2016 c3 25YashaIgnisVolk
Never really thought about Kushina and Zabuza together, but this story and the pairing, certainly has potential. I hope you continue. I look forward to future chapters .
9/19/2016 c3 TMCrusoe
I love this story so far, but I'm curious about something. Is Kushina still the Nine tails jinchuriki? Has it been passed on to Naruko? Pm me if you can.
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