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for Feather Heart, a scene from Nightingale's Odyssey

11/29/2016 c1 11emeraldphan
This is absolutely beautiful. It's a reflective, intelligent look at what might have happened after the Kay novel, and, of course, faking his own death would be the ultimate "trick" for Erik to pull off! His uneasy, unconventional friendship with Nadir is in fact one of his redeeming aspects and you've captured it perfectly - Nadir's morality and Erik's apparent lack of it. And yet there is a great deal of compassion and humanity behind that arrogant facade. He hates the fact that Nadir is his conscience and yet needs him as a friend.
It's beautifully written, especially the imagery about hiding behind masks and "the thorns bleeding our hearts dry". I haven't read the main story but I will be starting it very soon as I really enjoyed this.
9/15/2016 c1 29Shadowcrest Nightingale
Author's note: thanks for the comments! I'm glad you enjoyed this.

E.M.K.81, I shared this cut-scene because of the story you are writing. :) It's amusing to see the different approaches people take even in similar situations. I would have to say that were I using the Giry's in place of Nadir Erik's reaction WOULD be different, and he would be less likely to berate them openly. The primary reason? Erik's code of conduct towards the fairer sex. ;)

Anyway, I wrote this scene years ago and dearly loved elements in it, honestly I cringed when I removed it from the main manuscript. But in the end, it needed to go because the beginning was stronger without it.
9/15/2016 c1 Sue
Your writting is fabulous
9/15/2016 c1 3Phantomswoman
I remember u touching on the voyage i your story but its good to read an actual exerpt from that voyagw to get a gist of where it all stemmed from.

Great chapter.
9/15/2016 c1 40E.M.K.81
This scene shows the difference in Erik's character and Nadir's. I like the way Erik finally confesses silently that he's the one responsible for this whole mess - but loudly he blames his friend who only wanted to save his life! It is so much easier to blame someone else, isn't it?

(Funny, this is almost the exact opposite of what I am doing in my story "if love were a flower".)

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