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for Like the Glow of Light-Green Emeralds

8/9/2020 c23 jgood27
Love this story and can't wait to read more, please update
4/29/2020 c19 HoboHeartLover
Itachi and Sasuke... will undoubtedly be pleased with where this is going.
4/29/2020 c13 HoboHeartLover
Mai is dead. There is no way Mai isn't dead at this point or about to die. Works up emotions, we've been gone a while, she's an old goat... adds up in my head.
4/28/2020 c3 HoboHeartLover
OK, at this point in time I'm not sure if extended periods of time around Harri is a good thing. Itachi who seemed perfectly normal hopped onto the obsessive/possessive train. Sasuke is also seeming to be trying to hop on that train even if in part its because he's a naive child.
4/28/2020 c2 HoboHeartLover
Really enjoying this so far. From what I can tell Itachi started out normal but is becoming more and more unhinged?
3/24/2020 c23 loleo
yay, marriage

now, what will happen to Shika and Harri with their future baby? with their country, the war? all of their friends?

can't wait to read more
3/18/2020 c1 1LoneWolfAndCub
Lost me at M-preg you sick fuck
3/10/2020 c23 Mistylily
I love reading your stories they are wonderful and I have bin wondering have you head of D. Gray-Man it’s great really. Can wait for more updates.
3/10/2020 c23 xXxOtAkU-444xXx
I love it!
3/10/2020 c23 seraphina987
Thanks for the update
3/10/2020 c23 Gamzeta Makara
So good~ I really wonder what will hapen when Madara finds out about Hari! I think there will be lots of blood all over the place as Shika will tear him to shreds for even thinking about his wife! Hope you are doing well! Stay Determined!
1/26/2020 c22 AnimeNerdX
Well I think congratulations are in order for Harri but I wanna know Shika's and friends reactions too, even Gaara
12/21/2019 c22 blackwolf3991
plzzzzzzzzz update I ficking like this story
11/6/2019 c22 Greatstory
Honestly I’ve been following many of your works for a couple months now on both this platform and archive of our own, and I absolutely love this story and Yu Yu Hakashin. This chapter was great as well. Keep up the good work! Good luck at college as well!
11/6/2019 c22 Guest
Love your story. Very well writen and enjoyable to read.
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