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for An Unexpected Reunion

1/17/2019 c36 3Red Sectoid
Pikachu tail surfing makes me think it was foreshadowing evolving to Alolan Raichu but probably just coincidence.
1/15/2019 c18 Ben Walker1
is it wrong of me that I want Tierno to suddenly drop dead?
1/11/2019 c15 arata7kasuga
Oh, it's not just them traveling together then :(
1/11/2019 c14 arata7kasuga
That is random...they should be in Alola, especially this early on. It is at least a year or two early for them to be adventuring yeah?
1/11/2019 c12 arata7kasuga
Sycamore didn't offer him Froakie?
1/11/2019 c36 2Phantomsoul2015
Nice twist
1/11/2019 c9 arata7kasuga
Hopefully Larvitar will become Tyranitar and Ash will have a powerful pokemon that can actually win him battles aside from Charizard. :)
1/11/2019 c8 arata7kasuga
Good, I am glad Calem also lost. Hmm, will Ash finally be competent since he is going to start bonding with Serena, which is apparently the reason he is 'unable to win a major league'...?
1/11/2019 c7 arata7kasuga
How disappointing. Not only did Pikachu majorly dissapoint, but Ash still loses? Mehh. Why can't anyone have Ash actually be competent for once..?
1/11/2019 c6 arata7kasuga
Ayy, they reconciled finally!
1/11/2019 c5 arata7kasuga
Watergun again? Tackle? It is no wonder he almost lost...
1/11/2019 c4 arata7kasuga
Meh, Misty is too abusive to ever deserve to be with Ash.
1/11/2019 c3 arata7kasuga
Uhh, why water gun? Why not teach your pokemon actual useful moves like surf or hydro pump and the like? Why is totodile still at first evolution..?
1/11/2019 c2 arata7kasuga
Omg Pikachu...that was funny as hell xD
1/11/2019 c1 arata7kasuga
Why do trainers have their pokemon use such...weak moves?
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