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for An Unexpected Reunion

8/25 c13 arata7kasuga
Can Ash catch actually useful pokemon? Some of the dragons/the not weak megas, maybe actually evolve most of his pokemon etc?
8/24 c10 arata7kasuga
I wish Ash was stronger tbh.
8/17 c44 Guest
Reunion was nice plus Calem vs Korrina was good
8/17 c43 Guest
Mawile is adorable but was expecting Noibat
Lots of potential Mega evolutions on Ash's team
Plus Ash-Greninja
8/17 c42 Guest
Bonnie giving Serena a push
And egg is hatching
8/17 c40 Guest
So the fossil has a Pidgeot Mega stone
Ash vs Clemont was good
8/17 c39 Guest
If you have everyone compete in Sky Battles then Korrina with Hawlucha, Brock with Crobat and Ash with Pidgeot would be great
Maybe do a tournament
8/17 c38 Guest
Will Ash get a grass type soon? A Phantump of his own maybe?
8/17 c37 Guest
Star Lord and Groot cameo
I'm guessing the fossil Pokémon ate a Mega stone and fossilized with the stone inside
8/17 c36 Guest
Will Verity appear? Will she be a water type specialist?
8/17 c35 Guest
More Team Flare
Will Team Aqua and Magma in Hoenn tie in with there schemes?
8/17 c34 Guest
Ash vs Grant was great
More Mega evolution is welcomed
8/17 c33 Guest
Serena cosplaying as Yellow
Will she dress as Leaf next?
8/17 c32 Guest
Would be great to see Ash's Riolu vs Korrina's Lucario in a student vs teacher battle
8/17 c31 Guest
Ash finally snapped
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