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for An Unexpected Reunion

6/10/2018 c32 3Tenzalucard123
Hey, when will it be time for Ash and Serena to have love?
6/10/2018 c32 3RHatch89
Awesome update :)
6/9/2018 c32 Guest
That was great. I am happy to see that the story has not been abandoned.
3/26/2018 c24 A Metalhead
Would like to see lillie and serena share ash tbh
3/26/2018 c15 A Metalhead
Love that you brought back brock in ththe story! Its a shame that the anime didnt include brock for unova or kalos or recently alola. Hope he remains a traveling companion throughtout the story
2/28/2018 c31 6Riku Uzumaki
Perhaps Chespin will have learned to pace himself when he eats from now on... meh, probably not. Also getting the feeling that Miette and Rotom teaming up to troll the entire group is going to lead to so many headaches for them.
2/27/2018 c31 6Heracross0122
Great chapter, but with how Serena acted when Miette flirted with Ash, I would guess Ash would have an idea about her feelings considering he has a crush himself so he isn't as dense as the anime. Or at the very least, Serena would start admitting, even only to herself, that she has a crush. Either way, good chapter, keep up the great work.
2/27/2018 c31 3Tenzalucard123
Something tells me that when they get to Coumarine things will get romantic, right?
2/27/2018 c31 Rajiv A. Rajaram
Well I wasn't expecting Korrina to keep a Pokémon that isn't in her gym style tbh but I guess it makes sense. Interesting way to go with the Miette and Serena setting off as friends immediately but it works seeing as Ash likes Serena here and vice versa. Good to see an update after a while though.
2/27/2018 c31 13Blades of Chance
We'll good to see it's updated. I can't wait to see what else would happen and would it be weird to ask if either Serena, Korr, or Ash will be the ones to find Zygarde
2/27/2018 c31 45Cottonmouth25
So instead of a romantic rival, Miette has basically become Rotom Dex's partner-in-crime. Arceus I love this story!

(But I disagree with you on that author's note - Miette and Rotom Dex could accomplish great things together! At many other peoples' expense, of course... but it'd still be great!)

Rotom on social media would be the ULTIMATE troll. One might only imagine what his profile pages would be like, as well as the virtual chaos he would surely leave in his wake.

Other than my by-now-well-known love of that silly 'dex, it's awesome to see Brock and Korrina with the fossil Pokémon! Although, admittedly, Amaura doesn't really fit Korrina's gumption and spontaneity IMO. I'd say she's better off sticking to Fighting-types... but that's just me.

Another excellent chapter!
2/27/2018 c31 Guest
well this amourshipping chapter is very impressive dude, great job on it dude and as a fellow amourshipper i have this to say to you and to all my fellow amourshippers around the globe who support amourshipping, amourshipper and proud, remember that dudes and dudettes and keep up the good serenaandashshipping work dude.
2/27/2018 c31 FantasyLover88
I'm glad to see an update! I was afraid it was discontinued lol! I'm happy that Serena and Miette are friends, and it is a good thing that Rotom isn't Miette's Pokédex XD. Figures that Brock and Korrina would get the fossil Pokémon. I can't wait to see what happens next! :D
2/27/2018 c31 19magical fan18
I’m sensing a Shipping coming on between a certain brown haired Rock Type enthusiast and a thrill seeking blonde Fighting Type lover.

Plus I liked the way this chapter and episode it was based on was handled, well done.
2/27/2018 c31 Amourshipper35
Good chapter I liekd seeing ash tell mitte off and tell her that he is not interested in her and I liekd seeing Brock and Korrina get new Pokémon two
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